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This is my resource page.

This page structures what I written into various sections.

How do you use this?

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I will be adding more and more to this section.

If you have a friend or relative who you think needs to get started building wealth, you can point them to this section

Wealth Management – The most IMPORTANT points

You must be very lost how to begin wealth building after being bombarded with tons of information on Facebook, or you want to start investing in the stock market to compound your wealth. Hold your horses.

The first question to ask yourself is: What are some of the irrefutable truths about building wealth? What are the things that make the most impact?

In this section, I list out some of my posts that I would pass on to any newbie starting out or folks who want to build wealth the right way.

Wealth Management – Wealth Psychology

Building wealth is not only about making X% returns in the market over time. Its not about finding the right and best opportunity to invest.

Behind the numbers, there are the behavioral, intangible feelings that prevents us from building great wealth.

We are human beings, and we are wired in such a way that we are influenced by friends, family, peers and society which waylaid us from our path to eventual wealth.

This section delves into these intangible aspect of your life that you need to make them right in order for you to build great wealth.

Wealth Building – Wisdom from Data

Did you know that missing out on some of the best days and worse days can make your returns look remarkably different? Did you know that there is no one asset class that always give you the best returns. In this section, we give you some of these little wisdom from data that you never knew about.

Knowing them will make you look at the way that you invest very differently.

Dividend Income Investing

Active Investing

Wealth Management

Passive Investing

For some people, they would prefer a way of simple capital appreciation, less active management to accumulate their savings to keep up with inflation.

They prefer to grow their money together with global economic progress and focus on doing better at their job, focusing on their family and life or other life goals.

A low cost portfolio + rebalancing strategy can be a no frills way for the majority of the people.

Here are some of my best articles that talk about this subject:

Telecom Stocks

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

Infrastructure and Business Trusts

Examples of Good Economic Moats

Warren Buffett used to highlight a lot about companies operating with a good economic moat that allows them to earn a premium or a good return on investment for a long period of time.

What are economic moats? Here I highlight some examples

Life Case Studies

Occasionally, we write about good case studies of great wealth management behaviors and the not so good ones. Do browse through them to see if they contrast to your current situations or family members. You might find some way to help them address

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