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So there ARE really tales of affordable $1600, $4500 and $10000 Weddings

Not too long ago there was some discussion over a $900 wedding which many thought it was quite challenging in a world where reputation of families determines how marriages are ran than perhaps the couples themselves.

The couple stressed that it was a wedding solemnization ceremony and there is a wedding ceremony afterwards.

So that seems a dampener for those folks which think not many does it.

Her World decided to save the day.

3 couples featured here, explain their rationale for having such plans.

This couple’s plan is probably the most cosy, and they highlighted it’s a challenge convincing close folks that they want to do it this way.

“My parents wanted to invite everyone they knew, but after we talked to them, they got quite excited about our idea. It was quite an eclectic mix with my friends all dressing to the vintage theme and my family all decked out in saris,” she recalls.

This couple looks like well paid folks judging by their profession but seem utterly realistic about costs in life:

“We were getting our new flat, so rather than do a grand wedding dinner with 25 tables and then still have to pay for a house and renovation, we decided to set a budget and have a small party,” says Mr Symons, a business development manager.

The atmosphere was “awesome”, says Mr Symons. “Everyone was comfortable and had a good time. It wasn’t too pompous but was laid-back.”

And it’s a good example to see a young couple thinking more about balancing their happiness with sensibilities:

“Even though it was all very simple, everything turned out well,” says Ms Wai. “A small wedding celebration, surrounded by our closest family and friends, is more than enough for us. Also, as a young couple, we wanted to use our money wisely, and this meant saving for our new home.”

And then you have the story of the guy whose wife probably expects a fairy tale:

Retiree Lawrence Loh, 64, whose son is getting married next year, feels that young couples can sometimes get carried away when planning their nuptials. He expects he will have to contribute a sum to his son’s wedding at some point.

His future daughter-in-law has set her heart on a $10,000 wedding gown. Most five-star hotels require a minimum of 40 tables and the cheapest package is $1,488 a table before service charge and GST. Videography and photography services cost $11,000.

Mr Loh says: “After the wedding, nobody really cares what happened. Who cares whether it was a beautiful wedding or otherwise? How often will the wedding video and photographs be viewed?

I gotta give props to Her World for an article showing both sides of the coin.

[her World Plus | Singapore Weddings : I do, my way]

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Jomel Ng

Saturday 21st of December 2013

At the end of the day, it depends on the expectations and mindsets of the groom, and especially the bride.

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