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Managing Kyith – My Personal Notes

This page lists the articles which are mainly noted to me. They mainly contain the philosophies on why I do things in specific ways and some of the struggles I faced with the things I implemented.

Some of these notes will not be coherent with an excellent introduction or take care of novice and advanced users.

The writing mainly serves me, and some of you may find it helpful.

Much of the content will revolve around how I have or will personally manage my money. As a person entering middle age, I have built up some wealth, but the question I often ask (and you may be asking as well) is:

What does my wealth buy me?

And so much of the content will be about that.

The diagram below illustrates things:

Click to view a larger illustration.

Net wealth represents my total assets minus total liabilities. What will I do with my net wealth? How do I frame my net wealth? Money should be able to buy some stuff, but what will I buy?

My Number 1 Financial Priority – Setting Aside Enough to Ensure Financial Security

A. The Wealth Management Decisions

  1. What kind of lifestyle would I need to buy for myself?
  2. How much do I need to provide a perpetual income to fund that lifestyle?
  3. Planning the capital needed for just my essential food. This article is helpful if you wish to understand about the nuance of income planning because we focus on just one spending. Many want to fly before they walk and if you understand the spirit behind the 5 questions asked, then you can use it to plan for an expanded F.I. lifestyle.

B. The Investment Decisions

  1. How do I look at what drives returns in my portfolio?
    • This explains my philosophy and why I set the portfolio the way it is.
  2. Notes on My Main Income Portfolio Named Daedalus:
  3. Notes on My Less Important Portfolio Named Crystalys:
  4. Why did I move away from the Dividend Income Strategy for Financial Independence Planning

How I Think about Other Areas of My Current Recurring Expenses

  1. Aside from my most essential spending needs, I need $5,160 yearly for my basic needs. I would set aside $174,000 to provide income for it.
  2. Most insurance premiums do not need to adjust for inflation. Think about how much to set aside
  3. Setting aside $80,000 at age 43 to fund my future health insurance premiums from age 43 to 100 years old
  4. Setting aside $50,000 at age 43 to supplement my critical illness coverage to cover major dreaded disease event

My Estate Planning and Administration Experience

  1. How I went through Public Trustee to extract the money from my mom’s small estate
  2. I use Yuen Law to help me with my Grant of Probate when my dad passed away
  3. My experience taking over the 5-Room HDB of my Deceased father.

Life Decisions

  1. Three things we struggle with when transitioning from work to the F.I. life.

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