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Singapore High Yield Dividend Stocks for Income

What a lot of people would like is to have high yielding dividend stocks (4%-10%) to compliment their growth stocks or to provide passive income.

Reasonable Yield yet Strong Currency

Dividend Stocks in Singapore does provide a good yield. Yet the Singapore Dollar is a strong currency as to be a great financial hub, Singapore’s currency need to be strong

Tracking good dividend yield stocks

singapore high yield stocks

Singapore Dividend Stock Tracker lists Singapore best known high yield stocks and follows their yield payout, price to book, free cashflow yield changes daily.

This tracker is actively refine to include blue chips in Singapore and Mid cap suitable for international investors

Singapore Telecom Stocks

There are 3 telecom stocks in Singapore and they do provide good yields ranging from 4.5% to 8%.

Here is a guide to investing in these 3 telco stocks >>

They do not pale in comparison with other countries telecom stocks

Infrastructure and Utilities Stocks

Electric utilities, high ways, toll roads, air port, marine ports and oil & gas storage are high capital expenditure business that creates great barriers to entry. This make their cash flows very predictable and defensive.

Since they are high capex, they tend to be funded by large amount of debts, so investors would have to take note of their debt financing plans.

2012 Dividend Yield Comparison of Different Infrastructure Assets

Here is a comparison of what kind of yields you can look for based on US infrastructure stocks listed. Note that in Singapore they would tend to be 2% higher.

Some listed infrastructure stocks in Singapore includes:

Criterias of good dividend stocks

Many have asked me what are the hallmarks of a good dividend stock. Essentially they are no different from selecting good companies

  1. Wide Economic Moats – monopolistic business, things people cannot live without, outstanding network effect
  2. Good Growth – must grow instead of becoming stagnant. For dividend payouts to grow.
  3. Low Dividend Payout – this enables the retained cash to be channel to grow more cashflow
  4. Positive Free Cashflow – the blood of a dividend stock. A good company will have increasing or consistenly positive free cashflow
  5. Good Yield – 4%-7% yield. High yielding stocks tend to be because of high payouts which might not be good long term.

Build a long term income stream today!

What are the pros and cons of investing in dividend stocks? What are the selection criteria? How do you know if it works? What are the pitfalls to watch out for?

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I run a free Singapore Dividend Stock Tracker available for everyone’s perusal. It  contains Singapore’s top dividend stocks both blue chip and high yield stock that are great for high yield investing. Do follow my Dividend Stock Tracker which is updated nightly  here.

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