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How to Log Your Spendings Through Telegram Chat to Your Google Spreadsheet Wherever You Are | Telegram Bot for Actual Budget Envelope System

I switched my envelope budgeting system over to Actual Budget for one month.

For those who are interested in Actual Budget, I consolidated most of the video guides I do about Actual Budget in this post.

There is one niggling thing that may prevent more to adopt Actual Budget: The lack of a mobile application.

Actual Budget can be install for free on your computer and you can do really nice Envelope budgeting on it.

However, the best thing when our phones got smart is that it allows us to capture our spending transactions when we make the transactions.

Without a mobile application, that becomes a problem.

I feel this is not a deal breaker because I have always capture my transactions in my brain and entering them when I get home at the end of the work day. I feel it is a matter of how motivated you are about keeping your financial house in order.

You could always have a note in your phone to record down.

But I have a better idea.

Many of us use Telegram as a chat application to talk to our friends as well as gain access to certain communities.

We can also built bots to help us do things like… log transactions to Google Spreadsheet.

So I created a bot to help me log the spending to a Google Spreadsheet… as if I am chatting with a Spreadsheet.

You can do the same with this chat bot that I created ActualBudget Companion.

This video shows how you can hook your Telegram bot to a Google Spreadsheet:

In this way you can:

  1. Log spending when and where you spend it.
  2. Come back or enter it at the end of a certain period and never miss it.
  3. When you don’t miss transactions you stay on it.

If you realize…. even if you are not using Actual Budget, this is a nifty way for you to chat with a Google Spreadsheet to log your transactions!

Let me know if you encounter any problems.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.