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Living a Value Driven Lifestyle

For most things I want in life, there are various grades to the thing.

For example, for the food that I want to eat, there are those that represent the lowest grade, and there are those that are the highest grade. We each have our own way of determining what is high grade or low.

I have my own choice of what grade I can accept, and sometimes I would change my choice depending on the mood. Then, there are some services or things that I accepted a certain grade and don’t change it often.

Suppose I want a certain grade of things, and I would look at where I can get this at the lowest cost. I don’t always do this but if I have the affordability of time & space, this is what I would do.

I would like to think I am not the only one who looks at things in this way. There can be a few more circles other than quality and price (e.g. time).

On this page, I list my past posts exploring specifically frugality, a value-driven lifestyle.

You might find some ideas that you can apply to your own situation as well.

On Food

  1. My first experience doing meal prepping | 2016
  2. My updated meal prep guide in 2024 | 2024

On Productivity

  1. I bought 25-30 second-hand monitors from Carousell. Some of the things I learned | 2023
  2. I setup a 43-inch LED TV as my monitor and it has been my most stable display setup ever | 2024
  3. The cheapest way I found to extend laptop to two display | 2024

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