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Disappointing National Rally 2014

So much for big changes for the CPF in this year’s National Day Rally.

You can watch the rerun of this rally here:

After much discussion on this topic for the past couple of months. Calling for views, getting some experts in the financial industry to share what they felt are the main problems and what can be recommended. What happen?

The prime minister spent so much time explaining why housing is such a good retirement asset, different ways you can monetize your flat, sale and lease back, sell and buy a studio apartment, move in with your children.

To me, we are probably the only country which is so staunch in making retirement based on property, concentrating your wealth in an asset in you live in. I can understand why folks feel that this makes it easy for the government since the value of housing tend to follow inflation, which is something the government can control.

Inflation is a function of government policy.

Not solving the problem. Just giving out cash and testing the water. Not going to spend time watching another one ever.


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Tuesday 19th of August 2014

Property is widely seen as a safe asset. It is arguably the most dangerous of all. It is absurd that someone can get into huge debt just because they "own" a pile of bricks with some glass in it.


Tuesday 19th of August 2014

If you have own property that is generating income all over a few location you can make a case for it.

But the one you lived in? You got to ask how you are going to liquidate it and get a sizeable cash.

There is no countryside here

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