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Luckin Coffee Singapore Referral Code to Enjoy a $0.99 Cup of Fraud Coffee & Tea

Many of us probably don’t drink so much coffee or tea, but there are times and periods in the workweek when we need some extra sugar & caffeine boosters.

This is the case for my colleagues and I.

My colleagues Jiamin and Mike decided to head to Guoco Tower one day to try out Luckin Coffee’s $0.99 offer.

  1. Just download the luckin coffee app. You must order through the app to choose your delivery options or pickup locations.
  2. Your first drink is at $0.99

If you need a morale booster for the day, don’t think so much.

Just give it a try.

That is what I did.

Jiamin and Mike told me not all the flavors “can make it”. Jiamin help me risk manage by choosing the Coconut Velvet Latte.

Note: Luckin Coffee is conscious enough to default their default choice to less sugar. You should stick to that and don’t be a hero like me and choose regular sweet.

The Many Flavors in Luckin Coffee to Choose From

I kinda think that their default image does not make the coffee as appealing as it is. Even after the first $0.99 discount, there are 40-50% discount offers that make the drinks more affordable. If you are less adventurous, stick with the Best Sellers.

Thre are also tea for those tea-only drinkers.

The Current Locations of Luckin Coffee

I don’t think we should make our way specially to try some coffee or tea unless they are really exceptional.

Luckin Coffee is not that but an outlet may be close to you.

  1. Ngee Ann City (Orchard)
  2. Tampines 1
  3. Citylink Mall (City Hall)
  4. Guoco Tower (Tanjong Pagar)
  5. i12 Katong
  6. Marina Square
  7. Aperia Mall (Kallang)

Not a lot of places still but might be close to some of you!

How Does Fraud Coffee Taste Like?

Our investment team and I joke and wonder how fraud coffee taste like.

But in truth, their existence is an evidence that eventual business success may require resilience, rejuvenation and luck.

Luckin Coffee was started in China not too long ago. They took the Starbucks model and wanted to compete aggressively with Starbucks in China. With capital and aggressive China entrepreneurship, they managed to make some real headways.

But in early 2020, a short seller began questioning the company’s accounting and the chairman and related people were found to have fabricated sales and profits. Luckin Coffee was slapped with fines from the US Securities and Exchange Commission and had to file for bankruptcy.

Post bankruptcy, the company decided to restructure:

  1. Settled US class-action lawsuit to resolve investors’ claims for $187.5 mil.
  2. Restructure large amount of debts.
  3. Replace most of its top management and oust its former chairman, CEO and those employees involved in the fraud.
  4. Chinese private equity firm Centurium Capital came in with $240 mil worth of capital injections.
  5. Shifted to an emphasis on physical store-level operations, building product lines and reducing ops cost.

To finance guys like myself, we will always associate the sweet taste of the coffee and tea with its colorful background.

Luckin Coffee Referral Promotions and Codes

If you sign up and buy your first coffee, you pay only $0.99.

On top of that, you get about three additional coupons:

  1. 50% off next drink
  2. 45% off next drink
  3. 40% off next drink

Download the App and Use my Referral Link to get the Cheap $0.99 Beverage Today >>

If you refer your friends, your next drink will also be $0.99.

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akimoto san

Saturday 22nd of July 2023

Your first sentence. Sweeping statement. As A Prominent Blogger, how can you say that? Millions of people need coffee daily, at least 2 cuppas.


Tuesday 25th of July 2023

In this regard, whether I say many or all the people don't drink so much coffee or tea, I think that I am ok with it. I put this out for so long, no one has taken an offense to it.

Just one note: If you find that my content is not so good, you can choose not to read it. As you say, it is easy for AI to replace me so, I am not sure why are you still reading this content from an easy to be replaced content site.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.