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Crafting an Ideal Passive Investment Portfolio for Your Life Goals.

One of my long time reader came to a decision and became motivated to structure a portfolio, or a series of portfolios to accumulate money for her financial goals.

But she want to do it the right way and wanted to learn more about designing a portfolio with exchange traded funds (ETF).

But fxxk, I had such a hard time finding a book that is most ideal book that balances between simple enough to understand, but thorough enough to not missed out on much.

At the same time, I have a colleague who wishes to go down this rabbit hole to internalize why building wealth in managed investments (portfolio of unit trusts, or ETFs, or both) is ideal for most people.

I was suppose to give him some handles in short note, but I guess fxxk it.

Let’s just do a thorough note.

On a side note, the best presentation I came across in recent memory, was presented by Sean Cheng at Dimensional’s Foundations Conference. Quite likely, there is no recording of that presentation.

In this one-and-a-half-hour video, I break down the following:

  1. What are you investing for?
  2. What gives you the higher reliable return passively?
  3. The range of returns.
  4. What is the downside of the higher returns.
  5. Adding bonds to your portfolio.
  6. Can we be more certain about our returns?
  7. My unique way of framing investing in a diversified portfolio
  8. What if you are afraid of the risks?
  9. A diversified portfolio alleviate some of your biggest fears (without you realizing it does)
  10. What makes things passive.
  11. Tying everything together.

It is probably a bit long but for those of you who are interested to go down this path, it might be worth your while. If you like the video, do LIKE and Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I invested in a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETF) and stocks listed in the US, Hong Kong and London.

My preferred broker to trade and custodize my investments is Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers allow you to trade in the US, UK, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other markets. Options as well. There are no minimum monthly charges, very low forex fees for currency exchange, very low commissions for various markets.

To find out more visit Interactive Brokers today.

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I break down my resources according to these topics:

  1. Building Your Wealth Foundation – If you know and apply these simple financial concepts, your long term wealth should be pretty well managed. Find out what they are
  2. Active Investing – For active stock investors. My deeper thoughts from my stock investing experience
  3. Learning about REITs – My Free “Course” on REIT Investing for Beginners and Seasoned Investors
  4. Dividend Stock Tracker – Track all the common 4-10% yielding dividend stocks in SG
  5. Free Stock Portfolio Tracking Google Sheets that many love
  6. Retirement Planning, Financial Independence and Spending down money – My deep dive into how much you need to achieve these, and the different ways you can be financially free
  7. Providend – Where I used to work doing research. Fee-Only Advisory. No Commissions. Financial Independence Advisers and Retirement Specialists. No charge for the first meeting to understand how it works
  8. Havend – Where I currently work. We wish to deliver commission-based insurance advice in a better way.

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Saturday 12th of August 2023

Amazing video Kyith - many messages and all well explained. Keep up the good work.


Sunday 13th of August 2023

Thank you Amit. Comments are welcome.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.