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The Cheapest Way to Extend Your Laptop to TWO Display that I Can Find.

I am not sure how many of my readers would need something like this or didn’t know about it, but my experience tells me that some less IT-savvy ones may find this useful.

What if you have a laptop and would like to extend it to two more screens so that you can be more productive?

Most of our laptops are equipped with an external HDMI port to help you to connect and extend to one external monitor. Some may think if we can do it for one, we should be able to do it to two or three.

If so, what is the lowest cost that we can do this?

I found this USB-C HDMI and VGA hub on Shopee.

This is the sweet spot because:

  1. It is not too expensive. With delivery, you could probably get it at $24.
  2. Works with a VGA and HDMI, or two HDMI
  3. Allows you to extend to two screens.
  4. Allows you to plug in power as well.
  5. HDMI: 4K resolution at 30hz
  6. VGA: 1080P resolution at 60hz
  7. Power Charging: 100W

I bought this for a few of my colleagues at the office so at least I kind of know the reliability. With this, you can work with a couple of older 1080p or full HD monitors, which may be cheaper if you get second hand. You can also close the lid on your laptop and just rely on the two display.

We tested this for Lenovo, Dell laptops mainly. The ones that might have problems getting both the display and power to work in one hub are the older Microsoft Surface laptop.

Also, do note that this only works on Windows Environment. If you have a Mac, this does not work aside from extending to one monitor.

I bought 4-5 and only one of them is faulty.

If you want an alternative, then it will be the more expensive one.

Another more expensive one that I bought is this 12-in-1 Leorele USB hub from AliExpress:

The price is not fixed and depends on whether there is a sale at AliExpress. I got one to replace the faulty one above for $37 and another one for the office for $30 during the AliExpress anniversary sale. Black Friday is also a good time to buy where the discount recently have been more meaningful.

I found this to be more reliable but also you can connect more stuff.

That is it for my recommendation. Do let me know if you have something that works better.

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Monday 29th of April 2024

Hi Kyith, how's the reliability/performance of the current monitors/TVs you are using for your work? Vaguely recalled you got a Prism+. I also want to support local brand so I bought one of the higher-priced Prism+ monitors with "PRO" label. While it has impressive specs I notice a couple of annoyances including taking a long time for the Prism+ to resync and display an image after PC wakes from sleep mode compared to my Dell business monitor which is my 2nd monitor which is nearly 'instant on' from standby


Wednesday 1st of May 2024

HI Lim,

I own two Prism, one 27 inch 2k and a 32 inch 4k. Currently, my ang mo colleague using my 27 inch 2k and this monitor has been a while (probably older than 3 years) and seems ok still. I passed my 32 inch 4k to my brother as I am using a 43 inch tv. I don't know if there is waking issues but i don't detect big annoyances.

I am using a 2008 30 inch Dell (bought for 90) at work which is like for graphics designers. It is damn hot and most should not use it and a 27 inch 2k (bought for 30 i think). The dell ultrasharp are ok, brighter colors but honestly can't tell if they are really better.

2 of the 20 monitors i bought broke down after I got them. 1 of them my colleague complain the image seem blurry but to deduce if it is a cable issue.

Are you looking for some special requirement?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.