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DTAC Total Access Communications a potential good telecom dividend yielder

Many investors interested in telco stocks like Singtel, M1 Limited and Starhub (analysis here) are waiting for the prices of these 3 stocks to come down before accumulating.

However, one gem listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange probably not many knew about is Total Access Communications or listed as DTAC.

DTAC is the second largest telco in Thailand behind AIS. From what we know about AIS, which Singtel has a stake, Thailand telcos are highly profitable. AIS enjoys the highest return on assets among Singtel’s telcos.

When I first spotted DTAC at Jun this year, it has already ran up a lot. Taking a look at its latest annual report, we get a dividend yield of 10%!

In this gloomy global market correction, it had been going up and up!

Current dividend yield points to 5%. Which means that its share price went up like 80% since I spot it =( . Best is that the dividends are totally sustainable.

You can take a look at DTAC’s data here.

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Wednesday 21st of September 2011

The P/E looks high though. One high-dividend telecom operator that should be mentionned is France Telecom, it pays 1,40 € yearly and currently trades around 12 € thanks to all the panic selling in Europe.


Friday 23rd of September 2011

HI Marti,

I am aware of France Telecom, and there are Deutsche Telecom who was trying to sell T-Mobile to AT&T. They are all coming down to very attractive valuations. Do note there are withholding taxes

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