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SGX Bull Charge Run! 5 Pairs of Tickets to Win if you Do Not Like Investment Moats

The listed stock exchange of Singapore, SGX, have been organizing a charity run since 2004.

It is a run that is part of SGX’s social responsibility efforts. This run is not open to public but to financial institutions and listed companies. The participants can pool donations and form teams to run for a good cause.

Other than running costs, SGX will be donating the proceeds to the beneficiaries that they are helping.

This year they will be raising funds for:

  1. AWWA Ltd
  2. Autism Association (Singapore)
  3. Fei Yue Community Services
  4. Shared Services for Charities
  5. Community Chest

You can view more details at the official site: 

The event is pretty action packed, but it is held on a Friday Afternoon. So you might need to ask your company to free you up.

When: Friday, 17 November 2017 from 4.00 pm

Where: F1 Pit Building

Racepack: Yes

There are 3 kind of runs:

If you are a Singapore registered company, you can form a team of 4 for the inflatable obstacle run!

Kyith will be participating in the 5 KM run. Its been sometime since I ran that distance so hopefully I do not get too wear out.

Win 5 PAIRS of FREE Tickets for the Run

I will be giving away 5 pairs of tickets so that you can bring your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, best buddy along.

This contest will run for 1 week and ends at 29th August on a Tuesday.

You have read Investment Moats for some time. Submit to [email protected] what are the things that you cannot stand about Kyith or Investment Moats. It can also be some of the worse aspects of Investment Moats.

I will be publishing the winning entries here after the contest (your names will not be published).

If you do not like Kyith or Investment Moats, now is the time to get your reward and win something.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.