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Dementia: Planning your Insurance and Retirement – LIVE on 10AM 26th Aug 17

As we get older, some of the issues that we easily dismissed in the past are featuring more and more in our lives.

One area are issues that you will come to terms more, is that more and more people around you are suffering from dementia and alzheimer’s disease.

Even if they are not suffering fully but partially, it affects the quality of life.

It also affects you ability to effectively manage money. There are many retirees that do not realize that our cognitive abilities will go down over time due to how we use our brains.

Personally the resources that I came across do show that through proper nutrition, you can prevent and limit alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is considered as Type 3 Diabetes, and a matter of not enough oxygen to the brains. One of the causes is not having enough cholesterol. One podcast episode that explains this is Vinnie Tortorich’s interview with Amy Berger on her research on Alzheimer’s disease.

But this is my current leanings, you do not need t agree with me. Do your own read up on this.

But when it comes to dementia financial planning, what do we need to be aware of?

Specifically, insurance protection needs to plan before the actually trigger:

  1. When should we start looking at it?
  2. What are the sum of money we are looking at?
  3. What are the strategies that specifically target it?

My friend Wilfred Ling will be organizing a Facebook Live session later to explain more in this area.

Wilfred is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) holder and a Chartered Financial Consultant holder. He is also a fee based planner which means he is primarily paid through fixed fees, retainer fees and asset under management fees rather than commission.

How to Watch this Session:

To watch this session (its FREE just in case):

For those using desktop (Mac/Windows):
1. Goto
2. Click Like
3. Click the Following button,
i) Notification ON for Live video.
ii) Select ‘See First’ for News feed.

For those using smartphone:
1. Launch the facebook app.
2. Search for “The IFA on Duty” page.
3. Like the page.
4. Click the Following button,
i) Make sure notification is enabled.
ii) Edit the notification. Ensure ‘All Live Posts’ is enabled.
5. Return back
6. Select ‘See First’ for the News Feed.

Remember it is at 10 AM Singapore Time!

Getting a 20% OFF on his planning packages

If you wish to engage Wilfred’s services, he has a few packages that target for your needs:

  1. special package for young children
  2. techniques to predict future returns
  3. estate planning for people with special needs
  4. generating passive income for retirement needs
  5. the right life and health insurance

If you go through my affiliated links, you will get 20% OFF the packages. The discount is worth as much as $750.

Get the 20% Discount through here:

  1. buying the right life and health insurance
  2. generating passive income in retirement planning

If not, just tell him you got to know about his services through Kyith or Investment Moats. You will get a 50% discount, other than this comprehensive family planning package.

It is your way of supporting Investment Moats.

Now let’s listen to what Wilfred has to say on dementia.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.