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Find Attractive Singapore Stocks with SGX’s Free Stock Screener

If you are looking to start purchasing individual stocks listed on the Singapore stock exchanges SGX and Catalist, your best bet to get information is through or Bloomberg Businessweek. People even went so far to pay for it with

Then Google came up with a splendid stock screener for multiple stock exchanges.

We shouldn’t need to jump through so many hoops. SGX should be providing this. And now they have.

By going through this link, it will take you to the SGX stock screener.

I realize its not bad, and data especially yields are rather accurate. Its just that i was surprised they don’t have finer details like EPS growth or Free Cash Flow growth like what Google Stock Screener have.

Certainly makes screening for stocks an easier proposition then my Dividend Stock Tracker.

The attractiveness of this tool is really its presentation of 5 years data. From what I see for China Merchant Pacific Holdings its rather accurate. Its no mean feat because China Merchant have so much dilution conversion and just issued a placement of 119 million shares that brings the majority share holders ownership from 80% to 71%.Its all there.

The dividend yield looks accurate since China Merchant up their dividends.

The bomb is the 5 year financial glance. You can have a quick look whether the company is profitable, how they take care of their debts, how is their cash flow. You don’t have to go to another site, and can glance at it then decide if you want to look through their annual report or past announcement or dividend history.

If you are new to stocks, this and Google Stock Screener can be your best friend.


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Sunday 21st of September 2014

Wow, Kyith, thanks very much for this post. Very timely, I have been looking for SG stock screener. Thanks again.


Sunday 21st of September 2014

No problem

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.