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Tiny House Movement Gathering Steam in US

It started off as something that I chanced upon when browsing YouTube for interesting innovative furniture solutions, then I found a few channels talking about Tiny Homes, homes that are rather alternative, fit for a couple of living.

They are the antithesis of the modern bigger is better living.

These homes are not in your normal neighbourhood environment and a lot do not have permits to build them as it is due to law so many are mounted on wheels so that they fall under the jurisdiction of the transportation industry.

I would have thought these are only constrain to a small sample of hippies.

In recent times, I been hearing a podcast mentioned it, a hedge fund manager mentioned it :

Of course living below ones means increases the odds that a scenario like Billy Ray’s can succeed. This is simple math, a $3000 lifestyle on a $10,000 income increases the chances for success. This is one reason why I am so intrigued with the Tiny House ‘Movement’ (although I think movement is a terrible word to describe it). As a reminder, this is about living in a very small ‘house’ that is very inexpensive.

And now its on Kiplinger:

How much do Singaporeans wish they can have a 20k to 40k home park in Changi Village, East Coast or West Coast carpark. Likely this is not going to happen.

When your circumstances are difficult, you have to make hard decisions.

Would fit well the low income earners or those that really need not so much.

To be fair a fully subsidized 2 room HDB flat with government grants can cost SG$10,000:

The stunningly low price tag includes $60,000 in government grants, consisting of the $20,000 SHG and the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) of $40,000. For buyers applying without government grants, the flats are priced from $70,000.

While only one flat at EastLace @ Canberra and EastCrown @ Canberra in Sembawang have a price of $10,000, others can be bought for only a few hundred dollars more.

But based on overall prices, the record holder for the cheapest flat is a two-roomer at Rivervale Arc that was sold for $68,000 in June 2010. Housing grants back then were also less as the SHG wasn’t available. – Today Online


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.