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Some Big Discounts at this AliExpress Anniversary Sale for Singaporeans (including Anker, Tribit, Lenovo, UGreen products).

This article is less about investing.

If you are here for some investing article, perhaps it is best to click away.

I am one of the uncommon weird Singaporeans who would do some of my shopping on Shopee locally and Alibaba’s AliExpress. AliExpress is known more as Alibaba’s front for international shoppers and the things sold there is not as cheap as what is on Taobao.

But I enjoy shopping there due to the overall experience I have gotten there over the years:

  1. Payments are a breeze with our credit cards.
  2. A large number of things are offered. There are things that I cannot find in Singapore that I can find there.
  3. The price is alright.
  4. Everything is in English.
  5. Shipping is decent. Either three weeks but more and more I see shipping delivering in 1 week nowadays.

As Shopee and Lazada develop, I am finding fewer and fewer reasons to shop at AliExpress, but there is always some stuff that I cannot find enough variety or offer in Singapore that I will get from AliExpress.

Since yesterday, AliExpress has been having its Anniversary Sale.

Having sale these days are not uncommon and sometimes there isn’t a lot of discounts. But I notice that the Anker speaker that I bought at AliExpress during last year’s Black Friday Sale was… cheaper.

I bought this Anker Soundcore Motion+ for SG$93 on Nov last year and currently retails at SG$79. Without this sale, it retails at SG$110-$120 on AliExpress. From the official Anker store.

I am satisfied with the speakers. Not JBL or Marshall but decent. It is crazy that its at SG$79.

I check out the same speakers at Shopee and it seems to be costing $160.

In fact, most of the things from official Anker that are available on AliExpress are cheaper than Shopee so you might want to take a look.

This Anker Capsule 3 projector is selling at S$786 but it retails at Shopee for S$1,299.

Big discount.

If you are interested in Anker products, you might want to give it a look.

Not all things are this cheap and some of the smaller items see $2 cheaper but if the original price of the item is $14, then by percentage, it is still a big discount.

Here are some of my spots.

Lenovo Android Tablets

Currently, I have been using this Lenovo P11 10.6 inch 6GB, 128 GB Android Tablet for the past 2 years.

I got it for maybe S$250?

Now it sells at SG$143.

My colleagues will see me carry and trashing this tablet all over the place. Except for the occasional digitizer issue (I think it is my set), it has great battery life, smooth, good sound, decent LCD panel. Once you connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, it has this Lenovo Productivity mode that makes it seem like a desktop computer.

This is ideal if you need one for your kids, parents or for general portable surfing.

It is cheap enough for you to risk.

My good experience with my P11 makes me itchy for this Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro 12.7 inch, 10,200 mAh Android Tablet at SG$409.

This is equivalent to the large iPad you guys are using but at this price… I thought it is a good deal (do correct me if I am wrong).

Beelink Mini PCs (and perhaps other Mini PCs)

Investment Moats currently runs on a Minisforum HM90, an old AMD Ryzen R9 4900H mini PC with no warranty.

I love the mini PC genre. They are essentially trying to run laptop grade PC in a small enclosure. I think the performance is decent.

Beelink is another Chinese brand that sells many Mini PCs.

I like the SER5 AMD Ryzen 5000 series of mini PC due to my good experience with this current PC. You can see we can spend like SG$400-500 and it will last us two years for the basic computing tasks. With luck these PCs can have lifespan of more than 5 years.

That works out within my essential $200 annual PC replacement budget for something.

In terms of discount, you can find local Beelink distributors offering the same PC at $100 pricier on Shopee but giving 1 year local manufacturers warranty. You might not want to take the risk to order from AliExpress or for some of you, you might take the risk.

USB C Hubs

You may be able to find some USB C hubs that reside in the sweet spot between price and quality.

I am unsure if they are cheaper than in Singapore because some may not even come to Singapore.

But say for example this Lemorele USB C Hub that is able to extend two monitors from a laptop for our staff. I got this one not too long ago for a colleague for SG37 and in this sale, the price becomes SG30.

This has been working well for him so far.

Currently, I am helping to source a KVM HDMI Hub that allow us to switch between two PC to a TV screen so that our setup can be more seamless. This UGREEN hub does not fit our needs but may fit other people’s needs.

On Shopee this would cost S$122 instead of S$79.


I cannot cover everything but I thought if you need to buy something, you may be able to find it in this AliExpress Anniversary Sale that runs till 28th March.

What are the stuff that has a big discount that caught your eye? Let me know in the comments!

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