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Why Your Unconscious Money State Creates an Emergency for Yourself

A few months ago, my fridge broke down.

The fridge is a unique device in that, it can be rather indispensable in your household. It is especially so for my family, as we cook all of our meals, so we do stock them up well. What happens when the fridge broke down is that, you have got to find a solution to preserve the food that the fridge was preserving. I have to move some of our food to my brother’s fridge 10 mins away from our home, buy ice to preserve the other portion.

And you have to find an immediate solution for it. This is not like a computer breakdown, you still have your phone and can keep rather up to date with many things. When a fridge is down, you either choose to lose everything in the fridge or you find a good solution for it.

Your mileage will vary. The folks nowadays might be less dependent on cooking and what is in the fridge would be rather different from our family’s. It might be less of a deal.

Financially, it may not be such a big deal when you have an emergency such as this at home considering a fridge will cost between $500 to $1500.

You will be surprised.

There are people living paycheck to paycheck that such an event is really an emergency. They couldn’t afford to buy a new fridge, from my sensing of their cash flow. Perhaps a credit card loan will do.

Unconscious Needs are NOT always an Emergency

We can be rather unconscious about some of our replacement money needs. If you carry out some form of envelope or zero-based budgeting , you would have considered that perhaps household items will need replacement and allocated a replacement budget monthly for it, even if there are currently no things broken down.

Yet the people who feels that this is entirely unnecessary, can be the folks who requires it the most. They are overconfident about the way they manage their money.

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I would think it is healthy for most folks to know a certain trigger list of budget items to plan for. These things are not emergencies. They are expected to be happen, and less surprises in life is a more predictable life.

The same can be said about a family situation recently. You may be glad that there is an existence of forced savings that cannot be touched easily such as the Medisave. It helps the folks who are unconscious with their money management.

I do not know the cost yet, but perhaps I will share it when things become better.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.