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Damning Retail Mall Report how Empty a lot of the Prime Malls are

For the retail REITs investor‘s, Straits Times have a rather lengthy article on the state of prime retail malls.

The journalists decide to spend one fine weekday to visit 19 malls and see how sturdy or how bad the situation is.

You may be able to see some name drops.

Personally, I dunno why they would want to go on a weekday to see how bad things are. Why not just go on a weekend where most of the shopping crowd happens to get a better normal sense of things.

It is damn interesting when we see the latest round of retail REITs figures, we don’t get a sense of this. My main detection of things turning was mainly from Capitaland Mall’s lease renewal and new leases which shows some potlets of negative rental revision.

Are REIT’s better mall managers then the non-REIT mall managers?

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Friday 29th of April 2016

Yes, REITS and esp. some of the REITS with the right mgt incentives do better than other non-REITS. CapitalMalls is one of them that has good experience and some formula for improving value and has idea of long term trends that they need to counter (but may not have solution yet).

Mao Mao

Friday 29th of April 2016

One month has an average of 8 weekend days (Saturdays and Sundays). Should there be a heavy downpour on a weekend, the "town" malls will be affected as consumers will stay at home or go to their nearby "suburban" malls. The journalist surveyed on a weekday crowd is to get a sensing of the potential revenue a shop can generate since month has about 20-22 Weekdays.


Friday 29th of April 2016

hi maomao, i guess my perspective is different. I came from the view that, if they are able to spot a shopping mall with low crowds and footfalls on a period where traditionally people come out to shop, then it is impactful.

with weekdays it is hard to gauge.

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