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Recession: Think again if you think sex sells

Here is an article from Mercury News talking about the adult entertainment industry.

It turns out that in these tough times, people arent very willing to spend on pay per view sex views.

“A lot of companies have been bouncing checks,” performer Annie Cruz said. “Some people have quit the business. A lot of companies have cut back shooting. There are a lot of girls who have not worked in a month.”

Cruz has seen her work schedule drop from 25 days a month to as few as five. “You would think porn would do better in times like this,” the exasperated 24-year-old San Franciscan said.

But i think what hit them harder aint this but in basic economic supply and demand and substitution, the prescence of many tube sites act as free alternative to such adult entertainment.

Piracy is also cutting into profits with the proliferation of “tube sites” the YouTubes of porn where copyrighted video clips are frequently illegally uploaded. “We are being devastated by this,” said Dick Webber, who operates a Silicon Valley-based Web site and who, like the actors, goes by a stage name.

“The Internet is both a help and a hindrance,” said longtime porn performer and producer Dave Cummings, who expects his next movie, “Knee Pad Nymphos Volume 10,” to fall victim to online thieves. “I’m convinced the first day it’s out it will be a popular video to be stolen.”

Many at the conference talked of altering business plans to provide content, such as live Webcams, that can’t be ripped off. “There is no incentive for a surfer to subscribe to a site unless you have some offering that is unique and can’t be replicated on a tube site,” Webber said.

Source: Mercury News

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