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Dreambox, Cable Tv and Choices

Some short thoughts. It is very interesting to see an eventful 2 weeks unfold when it turns out that almost all the channels of my friends’ Dream box have stopped working. The dream box is a unique box. It used to illegally enable a person with the dream box to received all cable channels upon purchase of the box. This seems a very good deal consider how much Cable TV packages cost, according to every one.

Then the guys at Singtel and Starhub began to do better, putting encryption on the data, but the guys became smarter. The dream boxes now comes with a flat fee for the box and a subscription to a service that enables you to receive a vast amount of channels through the internet, watching at the comfort of your home.

This is not full proof as well since we have recently heard one major subscription house got raided and the service was took down (cause this isn’t legal either)

At the end of the day, the telecom operators can do all they can but smart Asians will always try to innovate to come up with low cost solutions.

This means that they are not matching the users requirements to cost well. Or perhaps Asians are just a bunch of freeloaders that so got used to a habit that content HAS TO BE FREE. It is taboo to pay money for it.

My colleague and myself was evaluating re-contracting to a cable tv subscription. We realize we don’t have much choice. Our parents are so used to the channels and its not possible to change another provider as the cable tv provider have an exclusive rights to the few channels. We have not much choice but to re-contract, even though they want us to contract for two years!

We are slaves to our tastes and habits and this mirrors why many was unable to build a saving habit or pay down debt.

We just don’t want to change what we are doing now, no matter whether is right or wrong, productive or not.

Subscribing to a box with so many channels is also a problem of not being able to narrow your likes, or that your lifestyle have become rather insatiable to content. We don’t want to choose. We want it all and cheap.

The end result is that the cable tv companies will have people like us, and there will be the potlets that will continue to look for these illegal solutions because they refuse to admit they have a deficiency in lifestyle.


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Saturday 30th of August 2014

Cut the cord. Switch to Netflix or Hulu. Easy to do with ViewQwest :)


Saturday 30th of August 2014

Comes together that is pain! Also no Chinese channels right haha!

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