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Jim Cramer’s Call: Ultimate Bear Bottom Indicator?

The VIX hit 56 this morning in US and the stock market dropped an average of 4.5% in a day. Since the start of these, the market have dropped 30%. A good time to start bottom calling?

Jim Cramer seems to think not. But in a way, he might be indirecting calling for one:

Bullish investors should turn into shrinking violets as the stock market continues its shocking downward spiral, CNBCs Mad Money host Jim Cramer told Ann Curry on TODAY Monday.

In what Curry called a dramatic statement, Cramer emphatically urged any investor who has money they may need in the next five years tied to stocks to pull their dough out.

I thought about this all weekend, Cramer told Curry. I do not want to say these things on TV.

Whatever money you may need for the next five years, please take it out of the stock market right now, this week. I do not believe that you should risk those assets in the stock market right now.

While the animated Cramer is known for telling investors the best prospects for earning money on the stock market, hes now saying retreat is the best position in the face of some of the worst financial news in decades. The bank lending default crisis that put financial firms around the country on the brink of collapse could bring as much as a 20 percent decrease in the stock market, Cramer predicted.

He noted that the worlds markets are nosing downward in the face of the U.S. fiscal trauma.

One thing is certain they are, in Europe, behind us, Cramer told Curry. Weve experienced more pain than they have, we are surprised at their pain, we didnt know how bad off they were.

He called the U.S. governments $700 billion bailout plan, which includes raising the insured rate on bank deposits from $100,000 to $250,000, as a good one, assuring bank depositors: Your money is safe.

But he warned that the same may not be true for stock market investors.

I dont care where stocks have been, I care where theyre going, and I dont want people to get hurt in the market, Cramer told Curry. Im worried about unemployment, Im worried about purchases that you may need. I cant have you at risk in the stock market.

Still, those with the assets and the stomach to ride out the stock markets ups and down over a five-year period might be best served by holding their nose and holding onto their stocks.

I think what you have to do, if you can withstand it, is just ride it out, Cramer said.

Cramers gloomy scenario came from calculating individual Dow stocks and estimating how far they might yet fall, he told Curry. And companies third-quarter earning reports, due this week, arent going to be music to investors ears.

I think the previous quarter, the one were now hearing from, was a terrible quarter but it will look good versus the coming quarter, Cramer warned.

I thought its a very responsible call to be honest, but these kind of personal finance advice should not be given now. Its not Cramer’s fault. he ain’t so much big on personal finance. The individual must realise this before even watching his show!

Money meant for investing should not mix with what u set aside as daily expenses. Having said that, the headline does not mix well with his actual message, which is to stay vested if you can ride it out.

It is the timing of this article that makes us wonder if we have reach a certain stage of extreme pessimism.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.