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Investment Moats Dividend Stock Portfolio Update Dec 2010

This update came abit belated as I was busy with work. The key changes for this month have been:

  1. Speculative purchase of CapitaMallAsia. Beaten down quite badly and like Yanlord and other mid caps we should expect a bounce. Don’t think I will hold this for long
  2. Subscribe to First REITs Rights Issue and Excess Rights. My belief is that there should be excess rights from international investors who cannot subscribe to rights issues. Hope to get some more. With this, it has possibly make First REIT and Starhub my biggest holdings
  3. Sold Telefonica. I do see some weakness still and possibly I can collect at a lower price than 61. I didn’t make a loss from this but hindsight I should have sold at 80 bucks!
  4. Purchase of GRP @ 21cents. Its hard to get GRP at a low low price but some lucky sole got it at 19 cents! I will keep queue small on this.

And Segmental breakdown

I run a free Singapore Dividend Stock Tracker available for everyone’s perusal. It  contains Singapore’s top dividend stocks both blue chip and high yield stock that are great for high yield investing. Do follow my Dividend Stock Tracker which is updated nightly  here.


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Tuesday 28th of December 2010


May I enquire why you have such a high share of cash on hand?

Is it for emergency or opportunity fund?



Wednesday 29th of December 2010

kind of because i am pretty risk adverse at the moment. but its always been this much for a long time haha.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.