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Yahoo Finance Lives On! Long Live My Stock Portfolio Tracker!

We got news this week that Marissa Mayer the young ex-Googler that became Yahoo’s CEO late last year wants to streamline a lot of the failed experiments.

And they are keeping Yahoo Finance.

It is a big deal to me (and for my readers) as we invest in stocks outside the US and to get up to date prices via data cheaply, Yahoo Finance is one that covers the international markets.

In my opinion, they should build on this strength to deliver better products, though this domain is getting pretty crowded I must say.

Wouldn’t be surprise if they shift focus from it.

For the readers who make use of my Stock Portfolio Tracker, having the convenience not to check and input prices on your own is a big value add, and we will dread the day when that data feed is not made available to us.

Readers looking for a easy way to track your stocks by transactions can tune in here to find out my FREE product you guys.


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Wednesday 6th of March 2013

A little off-topic, but do you know the correct format for retrieving listed options from Yahoo Finance into Google Docs? I tried both .US:BAC13Q185.0 and BAC130518P0005000 and neither works.


------ Donald


Sunday 3rd of March 2013

sgx is delivering feeds to google finance.. is it better then yahoo?


Sunday 3rd of March 2013

Hi anon, what do you mean by google finance is able to get the feeds. as far as i know the formula =googlefinance do not support most exchange other than US, hence my preference for yahoo

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