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Matching your prices spent to how much you Value

    Why do many weight loss programs or goal seeking activities end up in failure?

    One of the reasons is that in order for you to reach your goal, you carry out very extreme actions. These actions are correct, and when applied successful will help you reach your goal.

    However, the problem is that the extremeness of the actions make you utterly miserable.

    We mentioned previously that knowledge why you are pursuing this way of life, and creating a system is better than the depressive nature of the goal.

    But there is a line where crossing it will create adverse effect.

    This is different for everyone. You have to figure it out.

    To articulate this, it is when the amount the  prices matches your value.

    For weight loss, you could just keep cutting the amount of food you eat, the kind of ingredients or food stuff you intake, but at a certain point it gets too much that you don’t get any joy out of it. What happens then is that you end up going on a binge and eating a lot in a short spurt, undoing all the good work.

    In optimizing how much you spend, a lot of folks will focus on spending less and less, living on an extreme 20-30% of their disposable income so as they can retire in 15 years.

    You have to watch out for your mental state of mind.

    Too much of this extreme behavior will be detrimental.

    There are values that once chosen you cannot undo it:

    1. Forgoing having children

    2. Providing a good value education for the children at a time when their mind is a sponge

    3. When you are not knowledgeable on nutrition, you just eat the cheapest food with the least nutrition and sometimes toxic to your body

    4. Not going for dental checkup

    5. Going for the cheapest holiday (Perhaps a trip to Genting Highlands)

    6. Always drink from the tap instead of boiling water to drink because, hey, we drank from the tap in the army!

      Find out how much value you can accept. Know that not everything can be rank as high value. Know that there are consequences when you go for everything with the lowest value.


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      Thursday 9th of January 2014

      I have frequent "arguments" over drinking from the tap vs boiling it. I can't find any scientific evidence on the health benefits of drinking boiled water in Singapore, besides it being a waste of energy. Based on all known tests, tap water in Singapore is safe to drink.


      Friday 10th of January 2014

      Haha that's a nice one up for debate. Some folks don't think the chlorine is good for the body

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