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Uncloaking Gold and Silver Investing – A FREE Book That Helps you to Make Sense of Bullion Investing and Storage

I noticed that a lot of folks always have their sights on precious metals.

Why it is a good investment comes from what they hear from the older generations. During lunch conversations, you will hear a co-worker saying that his grandparents used to own this gold chains.

Now with the gold prices as such, this makes a good investment!

I think many failed to see that gold and silver is not the only investment that goes up in prices. Property and stocks do as well.

However, gold and silver will always stay on the minds of investors.

Particularly so, for folks that think stocks are risky and that they have not gotten money for properties.

The allure of physical gold and silver

And when it comes to going about investing in gold and silver, it has to be tangible for them.

If they cannot see it or feel it, especially for precious metals they would not think it is ‘an investment’.

For this new generation, they are influenced to invest the same way as the older generation.

Being new they might not know all the options that are available to them.

A Free Ebook that Demystify Bullion Investing

At BIGScribe, we follow up from our Free resource on Crowd Funding with a Free resource on Gold and Silver Bullion investing.

We hope that for you who are interested in investing in precious metals, it act as a good primer to find out the nuances that is required to invest in physical gold and silver bullion.

We covered the following in the resource:

  1. The unique opportunity to invest in gold and silver bullion in Singapore. What is the location advantage
  2. The sources of gold and silver bullion investing
  3. How do you go about storing your gold and silver bullion?
  4. What are the storage costs and the differences in storage
  5. Alternative types of gold and silver investment products and how they stack up
  6. How does gold and silver bullion fit into your current wealth portfolio? How should you look at them ?
  7. The fundamentals of gold and silver

To get your free copy, follow this link to register and download today.

In the book, you will find illustrations that lists out why we cannot always compare storage of precious metals based on the prices. The solutions are hard to be generic because there are different service levels, within each company.

To a lot of folks they would think that owning gold and silver and storing them means putting their precious metals in a storage box. That could be expensive, and you might be open to cheaper alternatives, with differences in characteristics.

I did my part to contribute on how we should look at bullion investing from a portfolio perspective.

I also try to frame the specific advantage of bullion and why it is more functional versus other forms of gold and silver exposure.

I hope that this resource act as a valuable source of knowledge for those who are motivated to invest in precious metals, but just have too much knowledge hurdles.

Do let me know what you think of the book.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.