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Try not to Play Games Until You Do Not Know How Much You Had Spent. Especially if its More than $2,000

Every spend a lot on games?

Before a lot of the free to play games come into the picture, we have to spend $30-$100 to buy a title of game in the old days.

Then, we have these free to play games.

The beauty of these free to play games is that:

  1. you do not know where the game ends for you. You either get addicted or resonate with it or you give up fast
  2. you get tired of grinding, or some obstacles that is just so tough that you pay money for it
  3. for the materialistic folks like myself, I would pay money to dress up the characters

You spend a lot of micro-transactions and you progress further into the games.

This may sound stupid, and your parents in the past would  be incredulous about it.

But you realize something interesting nowadays.

Your parents are addicted to the games and dramas on their IPAD and Smartphones as we were in the past HAHA!

The Wallstreet Journal has a profile of this Japanese due name Daigo (sounds like a e-sports gamer I know…) who spent $70,000 on Fate/Grand Order, a mobile game based off an Anime. (disclosure: in my opinion that is got to be some of the best anime around for sometime)

According to them, this game can be rather addictive. I think we can attest to that by the number of people choosing to play games during commute and work times.

But $70,000 is serious money.

In the video, he shares that he was able to fund this lifestyle though stocks and futures, that kind of thing.

The guy looks like Kyith’s age and perhaps does not have a full time job. This is a testament of the lifestyle of what investing can provide you (likely provided that you have adequate capital)

In a follow up video, one of the guys feature in the video before did a computation of how much he has spend on the game. Turns out the number wasn’t too big at $3.4k.

At first I was incredulously thinking how come you won’t know how much you have spend on the game!

That is until I realize that perhaps you would only take stock of how much you spent at the end of playing. However, if you have not finish playing some games that just go on and on, how would  you know how much you spent?

The world of people can be rather different. This week, one of my co-worker also confessed he has spent more than SG$2,000 on a mobile game.

Sometimes I could never fathom why China gaming  companies could earn so well. Now I know. Its really working.

Games can be addictive, coming from a former leisure game player myself. However, do set some limits to how much you pay.

If not, earn more, so that  you can fund the game.

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Wednesday 21st of March 2018

Online & mobile gamers should have some money in Tencent & Netease to make up for the expenses! LOL!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.