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Who else wants more regulation of E-Bikes?

E-Bikes are great.

The idea of E-Bikes is great for folks like me who are working towards financial independence, where we watch our costs relative to how much we earn so that we can build wealth with the difference wisely.

E-Bikes has this advantage:

  1. You do not have to spend time acquiring a bike license
  2. They are rather inexpensive compared to the alternatives
  3. They give you the flexibility to go to nearby neighborhood well

So why am I so against E-Bikes?

Because there are a lot of irresponsible folks out there.

These E-Bikes go faster than normal bicycle, and with higher momentum it is more difficult to stop or switch direction without causing an accident.

Here is a case study of a medium range accident by E-Bikes.

The bigger worry is this:

We would like to think everyone know the rules and are responsible.

The reality is that most people do not care so much about the rules but rather how it works within their own framework.

I seen the speed of these bikes go on the road. They are fast.

And most of the time, these folks are not wearing helmets! (even though I wonder how much help the helmet does in alleviating injury but having it is better than not having!)

The danger is not only to themselves. You can say “its my f$%#ing life so I get to do what I want”.

However, you are also putting the ones in the cars and trucks at risk.

No one likes to see an accident, and if we look past the blame game, the vehicle owners will always be thinking if it is their fault or the other persons fault.

While I really think having such a bike helps me next time to keep cost down, I currently see them as a bigger problem then the benefits it brings to society.

What about you guys? Do you own one? Do you think this is not an issue at all?

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Wednesday 9th of December 2015

I personally own a e bike and honestly my view is the cars on the road are more outrageous in causing accidents , i drive on the road most of the times and have on my occasion close shave with cars who overtake me within very close proximity or choose to ignore me and drive thru despite me having the right of way all because my ebike is too slow so they become impatient

I do understand that there are some people who use e bikes who are irresponsible giving bad names to others who ride them. But which field doesn't have?

The rules for ebikes are already strict enough in my opinion, it's not the bike that is the problem, it's the person using it . like letting a 10 year old boy drive it , that obviously has nothing to do with the bike, it's the parents or owner who should be responsible for it


Wednesday 9th of December 2015

hi jake, thanks for sharing your point of view. my take for bikes is that, i am not the one belonging to one side of the fence where say most of those that cause the accidents are the bikes. this is because i have a fair bit of biker friends. my gripe is that alot of these ebike riders, they like to flirt the thin line of regulations and that will get them or the ones around them in trouble. if you know you are travelling at speed that will cause harm to yourself, wear a helmet or something, and dun ride with one hand!


Monday 7th of December 2015

As a person who mainly takes public transport, my main worry are those people riding on pavement.


Wednesday 9th of December 2015

hi Goh, i think the speed of these things are scary and if i were to walk and twiddle on my smartphone, i will suffer some injury


Monday 7th of December 2015

I feel "electricity assisted" bicycle are fine (those that help to pedal uphill) but yes - some of these devices are more like full blow electric motocycle that bicycle, at which point they ought to have all the motorcycle regulation including licence plate, helmet and COE. Also strict ban of ever going on sidewalk! (technically this is the case for bicycle too but there's a tolerance for it)


Wednesday 9th of December 2015

hi Pierre last time i used to be a bit selfish in that i thought bicycle should belong to the pavement because i was scared to ride on the road. think the problem is that we should have our own bicycle lane. still these powered bikes should be regulated close to motor bikes.

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