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You Need to Put the Big Rocks of Building Wealth First

I am still having some mental aches from not blogging for some time, after settling some personal matters.

The more you been away from blogging the more you realize writing is a muscle.

It is just like prospecting financial assets in that, if you stop, you get rusty due to the lack of practice.

This in turn creates more impedance to doing it.

What the hell do Rocks have to do with Building Wealth?

So I decide to look at some back log of notes from my Todoist that I backed up in my OneNote that should translate to a blog post perhaps.

One of them is the concept of putting the big rocks first which should go to Augment my Wealthy Formula.

The Wealthy Formula is how I distilled the very simple high level idea of how wealth is build by you and me. In it, you will understand that to build wealth is within your control.

You can understand it and reflect upon how you should re-prioritize your life, should you want to improve your wealth building.

Many people have illustrated this experiment of trying to get all the rocks of different sizes (large boulder rocks, pebbles, sand) into a container.

And there are different methods to attempt to do it.

However, you will realize you cannot get all the rocks into the container unless you put them in a certain sequence:

  1. Put the big boulder rocks first
  2. Put the pebbles next
  3. Put the sand last
  4. Then you filled it with water

You might not get all the water and sand in.

The Art of Manliness, a podcast that I listened to, has a better illustration:

So What are the Big Rocks in the Wealthy Formula?

The big rocks and small rocks is an analogy of what we prioritize in life.

Here is how we look at Wealthy Formula in Rocks:

  • Which of the things in life allows you to build wealth?
  • Out of these things that help you build wealth, which one makes the most impact?

These are found in the wealthy formula with better illustrations

The answer of this could be:

  1. Earn More, Optimize your Spending
  2. Investing Wisely
  3. Build wealth early, and putting more of your income to building wealth

Those are your big rocks.

And you should get them in before the small things like:

  1. Which stock should I get?
  2. Should I invest in stocks or bonds or cryptocurrency at this point?
  3. Should I go for motor cycle A or motor cycle B?

If you put the big rocks of wealth building in, your wealth building should not go too wrong.

The small rocks will help you get to where you are, but in their absence, you will take slightly longer but will eventually reach your destination.

And you might not need all the small rocks.

Take out the Water, Sand and Pebbles

And start identifying what are your big rocks in wealth building and putting them in.

Then you put the pebbles, sand and water.

What I realize is we go through the motions in life too much that its difficult to do a reset.

Sometimes a financial reset is in order.

Wealth Might NOT be a Big Rock

The focus of the Wealthy Formula is to provide you with a high level idea how you can frame what creates successes in wealth building.

However, from what I understand from most people, wealth is just an enabler.

Wealth just provides a means so that you can acquire or facilitate the services that creates fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness.

So what are your big rocks?

They can very well be:

  1. Excellence in your trade or work competency
  2. Family
  3. Religion or Self Actualization
  4. Happiness or Zen State

Your Big Rocks to some, are not fundamentally sound. To some of us they are.

If your big rocks are not particular sound, then you end up filling your life with something that eventually maybe: Just a rock.

So this is something to think about today.

Share with me what are your big rocks. And what are some of your friends big rocks you do not agree with.

Also, did I get it wrong? What do you think are some of the big rocks for wealth building?

My Wealthy Formula is part of my Foundation Series. Building Wealth Does not Start from Investing. This series explains to you why you should build wealth, how to build wealth, how to secure your wealth in easy to understand ways. Start Reading the Series here >>

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Thursday 28th of September 2017

Agreed on the concept of focusing on the "rocks" in life, followed by the pebbles, sand and water. Many go through the motion of life, and often get caught up by all the hustle and bustle that they forget to focus on the things that matter! will definitely be finding my own "rocks" as well in the meantime!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.