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What is the purpose of HDB building Executive Condos (EC)?

I was reading the news on that many executive condos remain unsold and with many of the full fledged resale condominium prices coming down, people would rather go for these full fledged condos.

I can never connect the dots.

Specifically, if the purpose of HDB is to ensure that Singaporeans can have home ownership to have a stable environment to build their family, then where does an EC stand?

Different family situations have different needs and we can understand why there needs to be 2 rooms, 2 rooms (flexible) with their limited lease for older folks, 3 rooms, 4 rooms and 5 rooms.

Before it was build to order flats, HDB build out the flat by the masses, until in late 1990s there was such an oversupply that folks was asking why do they build and build, so we have the build to order.

Flats are suppose to be subsidized, lower cost compared to the resale flats sold on market rates. This ensures that, when folks are young, when income have not matured, they can have a stable home to build their family.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

Money aside, the reason why we would go for an EC is that we value our living conditions.

The HDB with how the town councils planned our town, you can find very little town in Singapore that matches the description of slums or shanty towns.

ECs are premium living conditions.

There has to be a cut off somewhere what is termed “subsidized” homes.

This year, the income cut off of those eligible for EC is lifted from $12,000 to $14,000.

Is this to cater to the higher income earners who are caught because their salaries rose too fast, and they cannot purchase a full fledged condo?

When this segment of Singaporeans have higher salary, the choices should be a 4 room or 5 room resale at better locations and if they crave for better living, they should be able to purchase a condominium after stepping up from a resale flat.

All this gets me to a point where I am confused by the role of what HDB plays and what the housing projects in HDB is trying to do.

To make the whole thing even more confusing these ECs are built by your third party developers, the same ones that build the full fledged condos.

Would love to hear some good point of views.

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