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Investors Exchange 2018 – A Clash of Value Growth, Dividend Investing and Financial Independence

I have an upcoming event that I am organizing, Investors Exchange 2018.

The last year we organize this, we garner favorable feedback but also areas where we can improved upon. So we hear your feedback so that we can deliver something better.

This year, we wish to be a little focus on what we wish to provide.

I do understand that many folks are trying to learn about active stock investing. You might already been investing for some time, like some of us, or just starting out and feeling the ground.

We bring 4 speakers who have been managing their own money, their private family funds, focusing on fundamental based stock investing. They have also been actively sharing their experiences on it.

There tends to be a few niches in fundamental investing, but this time we focus on 2:

  1. Value Growth
  2. Dividend Investing

Thus I leave out my friends at Dr Wealth whose focus tend to be on the Graham Style Value Investing.

In Value Growth, we seek to identify stocks that showed superior growth over time, and try to buy them at reasonable prices. This form of investing tend to require some competency to identify, but you an ride them through the volatile markets better, and could potentially hold a higher individual position.

Dividend Investing is getting less and less talked about, so I thought its high time some of us talked about it. Majority of the stocks in the region pays some sort of dividend, but dividend investing is focusing on the companies that pays a higher than average set of dividends.  This is suitable to be in your portfolio if you are in the wealth de-accumulation stage, or that you wish to get your returns in the form of regular cash flow in case of owners of business not living up to their reputation.

I would like to tie everything up by getting one of my friend presenting on the goal of active investing, which for a lot of people is to gain financial independence.

What are the numbers behind how much we require to achieve this, how do we speed things up or make our situation more financially secure?

The Details:

When: 14th July 2018 (Saturday)

Time: 1 pm to 5 pm

Venue: DBS Auditorium, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 (Map at the End of Article)

Ticket Price: S$49 for Early Bird before 30th Jun

Food during Break: Yes

Grab Your Investors Exchange 2018 Ticket Now

Let me introduce the speakers.

The Power of GARP Investing (Growth)

My friend James Yeo, by day works as a fund accountant in an investment services firm in Singapore. However what he has his mind on is in the realm of investing.

James Yeo Small Cap Asia

James Yeo Small Cap Asia

If you have been carrying out active stock investing for some time, chances are you would have seen James’ articles in Yahoo Finance, Motley Fool as well as Dollars and Sense in the past.

Currently, he runs How I would describe his blog is that if you wish to be exposed to a site that focus on identifying small cap growth opportunities in the region, this is a site to follow. James is also a very strong proponent of Crypto-currencies.

He runs a monthly recurring investing subscription with InvestingNote that provides you with 2 detail stock reports per month, and keeping up to date with these highlighted stocks.

We invite James to explain to us why he favors building wealth with the GARP Strategy.

The GARP strategy is not new and there are a lot of investors out there that seem to split companies down the divide by separating them between growth and value.

They are not too different.

So why isn’t growth and value very different? Our speakers will explain.

James will show us how do you prospect a potential growth stock to come to a conclusion if its worth further looking into or to monitor within 1 hour.

The Evolution of Dividend Strategy (Dividend)

One person that have been mentioned a few times on my blog is my friend Brian Halim from ForeverFinancialFreedom.

Brian Halim Forever Financial Freedom

Brian Halim Forever Financial Freedom

Brian currently works as a senior regional financial controller role, has been sharing his advocacy for financial independence through active stock investing for the longest time. These days, he juggles between his work, travelling around the region on holiday and work and his young family of 4.

We invite Brian to share about his experience as a dividend, REITs investor.

Particularly, as a practitioner, what is his experience linking the lifestyle demand to the way that you invest.

What is the ultimate goal for us, as dividend investors and why do we choose a focus on dividends. He will also go through some of the drawbacks of dividend investing.

Brian will also break down the different sub-strategies of dividend investing, one case study of dividend prospecting and how he currently structured his portfolio.

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Spotting Growth Stocks in Today’s Market (Growth)

Our second speaker close to the theme of growth is Stanley from

Stanley Value Invest Asia

Stanley Value Invest Asia

Stanley and 2 of his friends set up Value Invest Asia, and by its name, focus on keeping up with, and spotting new gems in Asia. All three of them have investment analyst experience in their day jobs. Stanley previously also worked as a writer and analyst at Motley Fools, starting businesses and worked in a family office.

Stanley and gang does share a fair bit of their experiences on YouTube, bringing on fellow investors, CEO of companies on the show as well.

They have also written the book Value Investing in Asia, which I highlight recommend if you wish to gain a perspective why there is a big potential to investing in Asia, how different is it when we do value investing in Asia versus the West. You an read my unpaid review of their book here.

We invite Stanley to talk more about the idea generation part of growth investing.

Idea generation refers to the part of the process of how you derive potential investing ideas.

This can be in many ways and Stanley will state the case for growth investing, and whether we can effective value companies that the future seem to be unknown.

Stanley will show us some case studies why growth is favored and how valuation can be carried out with them.

How You Can Build A Consistent Stream Of Passive Income and Maximise Your Dividends with Stock Investing (Dividend)

Our second speaker on dividend investing is Rusmin from FifthPerson.

Rusmin Fifth Person

Rusmin Fifth Person

Rusmin and his team have been in the investment education and investment content field for some of the longest time.

You would have seen me talking about dividend machines and investment quadrant 2.0 more recently.

Rusmin is a seasoned speaker, despite his young age. The same can be said about his investing since he has a great hunger to learn more to get better.

Thus, we are privileged to have him as part of Investors Exchange 2018.

We invite Rusmin to share with us how we can find predictable dividend stocks in today’s market. Truth to be told, he is equally comfortable talking about value growth as dividend investing, REITs investing, so you can ask him some of the questions during the panel Q&A.

Rusmin shares what are his 3 essential identifiers of profitable income stocks and 1 strategy which can allow you to maximize your investing yield.

He will go through some case studies which has gone through these processes so that we can all understand these identifiers and strategies better.

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Ultimate Goal of Investing

We want to tie everything about why we do active investing together, and that is why we brought Christopher Ng along.

Christopher Ng Growing Your Tree of Prosperity

Christopher Ng Growing Your Tree of Prosperity

Christopher Ng was a senior IT manager, then became Financially Independent and went back to SMU to take a Juris Doctor programme full time, passed the Bar Exam. Since leaving his program manager job, he has been supporting his family of 4, mortgage and parents from his dividends on his active stock portfolio.

He writes at Growing Your Tree of Prosperity.

We invite Chris to sum it up and explain why do we carry out active investing. There is a prevalent, yet sometime derogatory term called F U Money, but it was brought about due to people’s frustration with their existing scheme of life.

So how do we accumulate wealth, what are the mathematics and formulas behind the possibility of you retiring early? How do you de-accumulate your wealth later? Chris will explain

Grab Your Tickets Today

We will be holding Investors Exchange 2018 in Marina Bay Financial Centre on a 14th July, Saturday Afternoon.

The place seats 250 10 left! and the early bird price is at S$49 before rising to S$65 in July.

If you wish to spend an afternoon immerse in learning value investing, dividend investing through case studies, understand the math behind achieving financial independence, this is one afternoon you do not wish to miss!

Grab Your Investors Exchange 2018 Ticket Now


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Alan Seow

Tuesday 29th of May 2018

Thanks Kyith for the heads up.

I have signed up for 2 tickets using your link.

By the way do you have any upcoming talks on REITs as well ?


Tuesday 29th of May 2018

Hi Alan, thanks for the support! I saw your signed up. Currently not at the moment but will let you guys know if I see it.

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