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Course: A Trading Workshop for Serious Investors

My friend Elvin Hayden Liang is looking for 5 investors for his workshop.

When we were organizing Investors Exchange 2017 not too long ago, Elvin covered a topic that I find, is very unique, potentially useful for active investors, which is the art of scuttlebutt.

If you are prospecting business, any edge you can gain to find out some realization that you cannot achieve from Google, financial statements, annual reports, analyst reports, it could mean losing 70% versus making 200%.

This is especially important in the Singapore small caps space we prowl in.

Elvin have been managing funds for private investors and he comes from a unique background. He started as an accountant, then became a sales representative for a bank, before becoming a remiser. If you are in the investing circle, you would know that he comes across favoring technical analysis.

And that is what I thought is about.

Turns out that is not very true. And his perspective of “trading” comes more from the prospecting of the business and the technical perspective helps us measure the crowd psychology perspective, the participation levels in the markets for the business we are prospecting.

This is a one and a half day intensive workshop held on 9th and 10th of September. The 9th will be a full 9 am to 5 pm, while on the 10th it is from 9 am to 1 pm. The venue will be in Sheraton Towers. Refreshments will be provided for both days.

The “menu” for these 2 days is as above. From the menu, you can’t really tell where is the value.

So I urge those who are interested to call him up, find out more in details, and see if its a right fit.

This is not a hard sell.

He is also looking for specific kind of participants. If its not the right fit, it’s OK.

I feel that this is the ideal investors that he is looking for:

  1. You are not a new investor. You are in the markets for some time and you have some success and some failures.
  2. You have treated or are willing to treat investing like a second job
  3. Your competency have been a hodge podge of technical analysis and fundamental analysis. Or that you are stronger in one area. However, you have never manage to figure out how to blend these 2 areas well together.
  4. We all hear of a lot of market signals in the markets. Everyone tells you this is good that is good. However, are they really useful or that there is a unique way of marrying these together with the portfolio that you are currently holding together?
  5. Somehow, not many people talked about the portfolio management, position sizing and the risk management aspect of investing much. At least not in a coherent manner that fits the macro and micro views.
  6. While the courses could be fruitful, usually after the course, you find it hard to apply what is taught in an actual scenario

I think if you fit the above profile you would get value out of this.

The idea of investing is just like a project manager at work. Its multi disciplinary and you can’t just be good in one or two areas. You need to know the whole spectrum.

It took me a while to weirdly figure out how all these add up. To filter away things that are useful for others but not so much for me.

While the course runs for one and a half days, the learning and value do not end there.

Elvin runs follow up sessions that are free of charge.

In these sessions, he will:

  1. update on market outlook
  2. update on the various fund flows happening in the ecosystem
  3. provide more enlightenment to enhance the basic technical analysis in more applicable manner
  4. brainstorm on the stocks that are of interest
  5. breakout session for your individual style of trading.

This is much suitable for the trader/investor who felt that there is so much they can figure out on their own and having an environment where people work on ideas together to push each other along.

To enroll or inquire, give Elvin a call at 91121468 today. He is looking for 5 participants.


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Tuesday 15th of August 2017

May I ask how much does the workshop cost?


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Hi Keith, the cost of this course is $1200

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.