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Actual Internal Rate of Return of Matured Aviva MoneySmart (RP) – Ladies Policy

As part of my active crowd-sourcing effort to find out the actual returns of matured investment policy (you can take a look at the results in this post), a reader kindly contributed her matured policy bought 10 years ago.

I realize that insurance companies seldom archive the data on their old plans.

The Aviva MoneySmart looks like an ILP, until you realize someone in Hardwarezone was asking an anxious question whether his mother was duped into signing on to some insurance scam.

Well this is not a scam, however the returns might not be like what it was projected to be.

The details:

  • Name: AVIVA MoneySmart (RP) – Ladies
  • Start Year: 2008
  • End Year: 2018
  • Duration: 10 Years
  • Premium Paid: $100.85 monthly
  • End Value: $13,992.54
  • The returns you get: 2.62%
  • Does the plan have any cash back or return: No cash back

The Internal Rate of Return (XIRR) of This Plan

In investments, we usually compute the internal rate of return. That is how I was able to derive a comparison between:

  1. REITS vs insurance plans
  2. Stock A’s performance versus Bond B’s performance
  3. Insurance plans vs other insurance plans with different amounts, different maturity, different nuances
  4. Artwork and Stocks

Basically, you can imagine that the IRR is the “annual interest” that you are getting from this Aviva Insurance Savings Plan “bank” if you keep putting money into it.


The following shows the XIRR of this insurance savings plan:

As a summary, you can take a look at MoneySmart’s performance versus the other insurance savings policy:

If you, or your family, or your relatives have a matured insurance savings plan, and would like to contribute to the data, do let me know.



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Friday 27th of April 2018

Dear Kyith

It will be interesting to compare this actual value against the original projection, if still available.


Saturday 28th of April 2018

Hi BC unfortunately most would not have kept that.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.