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A Chinese Conversation on the Attitude to Money (and a Little on the Attitude to Freegan Lifestyle)

There is this show on Singapore Channel U that is my staple entertainment when I was waiting for my TCM doctor.

Voices 听我说 is a show where the 2 hosts bring a panel of guests to discuss a particular topic close to heart of Singaporeans.

And in last week’s show, they discussed about money.

As seasoned readers of Investment Moats, a lot of the concepts won’t be new to you.

However, I do find myself surprised by people’s willingness and philosophy when lending money to good friends and people they do not know. Particularly, the seemingly most rational money thinker in the groups would be very cognizant about what they purchase, but would lend a 4 digit sum to a stranger and not get her money back.

Daniel Tay of Freegan fame also made an appearance at the 34 min mark when the discussion tilts towards the guests attitude towards this lifestyle. Desmond Koh rightly points out that people are exchanging their time to gain things free. It is still work.

But I believe they have no idea the extend of free things we could all find.

In the discussion on entrepreneurship and being an employee, I tend to agree that starting a business is not for everyone, and there is deeper discussion on whether the need drives the business, or profitability. However, it seems people have a very skewed idea that people lived paycheck to paycheck if you are an employee.

Overall, this will probably entertained me more than the budget 2018!



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Friday 23rd of February 2018

Yes, it's still work.

Colin used to say that he can teach piano for $50/hour, or dumpster dive for retail value of $1000/hour. Sometimes more.


Friday 23rd of February 2018

Hi Daniel, I remember that comment from him. However, it depends whether he really earned $1000 an hour.

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