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Food Junction’s Malone’s restaurant research

So I thought I could do some fast research on how expats are taking to Malone’s Restaurant and I managed to check out this expats forum. The things posted are in relation with food but overall there are some interesting comments I uncover on expats in Shanghai as well..

The greatest thing about Shanghai is that we are not short of bars for all tastes. I personally would never go somewhere like Spot or Malones (once in both was enough for me), but fully appreciate the fact that for some they are an Utopian paradise.

I honestly think M1NT will be around for a good few years and the only thing that could potentially ruin it would be if they start letting in ‘day-trippers’ from bars like Spot, Windows and it’s ilk.

Have gotten hold of them and will see you all tonight hopefully. They have spaces left if anyone is interested. Starts 7pm and there are around 50 people going. We have exclusive use of 3rd Floor Malones Tongren Lu. Happy Thanksgiving!

First time here. – this is common in many developing cities all over Asia, it’s not just Shanghai

Went to Malones in Ton gren lu and got tired of being asked to buy girls drinks. – this is common in many developing cities all over Asia, it’s not just Shanghai

I will assume they are all hookers. – Actually most are not IMHO. They are however very skilled in making money off of polite and/or horny foreigners (I realize you are not the latter). You will know who the hookers are because they will proposition you within 5 to 20 minutes of meeting you and can be found in other bars and on different bar streets.

Also got hit up for money by little beggar kids. Not cool after the 3rd one chased me down after seeing me give money to number2. – never give them money, any ‘family’ hanging out in front of a bar at 3am with the mothers urging thekids to pester foreigners is not ‘needy’. Ignore them, be stern but not angry or physical with them. Don’t let them hang out on the side of you or just out of your eyesight. If they are feeling bold and you insult them, one will step on your foot to distract you while another slips his hand into your coat or pants pocket. Don’t carry too much cash in your front pants’ pockets. They look for the square wad of folded cash there and also know that foreigners carry cash in their font pockets. Many Chinese guys only carry cash in their wallets.

Within a 1 to 4 blocks of where you were are Spot Bar, Big Bamboo, Long Bar, Cuvee, Red Beat, Blue Frog, and FiFi’s House of Pink Passion Pleasure. All but the last place will meet your requirements.

bored, I don’t know I should go Malones tonight or not, cause some people just suggested me to date with some chinese man instead of being fooled by some westerner~~~~~~~~~~~

Malones Tong Ren Lu

Perfectly cooked Turkey (4 of them actually) Amazingly prepared Ham, great sides and trimmings. Overall it was a 8.5 as I am still not too crazy about the Bisque soup. But the Pumpkin pie made it worthwhile from beginning to end.

Morning Boring!

Fun Mixer last night…

Well…actually outside Malone’s, although the Mixer was ok also.

Two, huge fat foreigners with their beer muscles on folling around on the sidewalk in front of the door trying to beat the crap out of each other. With the Chinese girl friends adding kicks to the heads whenever possible…

And the usual folks standing around doing nothing to stop it….

Fighting Cheeks!!!

Thats the big question Den, Imported beer for example strongbow, which i know you like. ranges between 65 – 75 rmb depending where you drink it. So i would guess there isnt a lot of room to reduce the price on this. Local beers maybe some room. SC’s pet hate cokes and soft drinks for the kids. 40rmb for a coke WTF?

18 pound for fish and chips? no f**kin chance. As said already forward thinking bars like Malones and bulldog to name 2 are reaslising that there is a lot of competition out there for a shrinking client base and people being more frugile with their hard earned cash, and are taking action. As an example, Malones at TPlaza, was always very quite. However they now have a decent band, good long happy hours and daily food specials, there is a different buzz about the place i have been there with my wife and kids miore times in the last 3 weeks than since it opened, and will continue to ‘chase the offers’

And no i dont have any affiliation to Malones group, but would be really interested to hear from any of the guys from there of bulldog how they feel the business environment is changing.

I am also paid in GBP, so my salary has effectively been cut by 30% or 30% less value for my wonga.

I work in automotive which is going through an extremely difficult period my company announced last week to merge 2 divisions which means there is a large duplication of functions, which in turn will lead to job cuts, this is already on top of lay offs, short time working and a full business review looking at immediate and comprehensive cost cutting. Expats will i guess take a fairly big hit due to the costs. Friends i have spoken with are in similiar situations either having the contract terminated or having to relocate back to their home countries until ‘things settle’.

I asked my daughters yesterday if they are seeing kids leaving from their school and both of them said that there are a number of their friends leaving at christmas before they were planning.

The high rmb value, uncertainity about the future expats leaving and generally belt tightening is bound to impact on businesses targeting the expat dollar,pound, yen or whatever. Bars that have special promotions however may do pretty well in terms of bums on seats Malones do a pretty good happy hour and food promotion, as does big bamboo, blue frog and the bulldog but other bars that insist on charging 70rmb for a pint and 180rmb for mediocre food might want to rethink their marketing plan.As for city shop prices they are just having a laugh.

It would be interesting to here from any business owners if they have seen any effects yet on their business

Take note MalonesGroup, THIS is how you do an event.

KJ wrote:
Bubbas is taking reservations for Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday, November 27th. For 250 rmb, guests will enjoy our all-you-can eat smoked USDA Butterball turkey along with Southwestern influenced side dishes and a jalapeo cornbread stuffing. We also will offer open bar on house pours, wine, draught beer, and soft drinks for two hours per table.

Now, I’m willing to bet that with an open bar with all that Ken is offering (not to mention at 50 RMB cheaper than the Malones offer), that he is still making a decent little margin for him and the staff.

Malones has pretty good music, lots of 70s/80s rock n roll and pop stuff, some obscure american rock from the 60s sometimes too if you catch the right playlist


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.