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The new iPad with Retina Display and Quad Core graphics will rock Apple’s share price

This morning Apple just announced the new iPAD. No more iPAD 1 or iPAD 2 but just called the new iPAD.

What’s the big selling point?

  • Its fatter
  • Retina Display
  • Quad Core Graphics processor

That’s all? but that is enough. What AAPL needs to do is to ensure they have a product that keeps up with competitors. They have already the majority of the market share.

But their economic moat is they have a massive mind share premium. No matter what they came up with how small how insignificant that mind share premium will enable them to look more favorable against the competitor.

Like what most analyst say, iPad is a market by itself. The rest of the tablets competes among themselves.

The megatrend that I see

  • laptops losing market share to the iPad or tablets because most of the stuff people do socially and web surfing can be carried out well on a tablet
  • how would this affect Microsoft and Intel? Intel do supply to the Apple Macbook
  • would a new word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software house innovate on the iOS and Android platform to kill Microsoft golden goose?


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Saturday 10th of March 2012

Hi Shanrui, that is good enough for me. look at how the user experience works.

As far as user inputs, no matter how u look, even for the kids nowadays, voice and touch inputs have limitations to do so many things unless some company educates us how multitouch should be designed.

here is a good article that you can tune in to in your RSS feeds (do ask if u do not have an idea how to make use of it) >>

the writer used to work in palm and apple on product development and marketing and he talks alot on why things for them work and fail.

as for IBM, think about this: they started off as techie but eventually become life and problem consultants. they go to your organization and see how they can value add to your problem, whether it is a re-egnineering of your organization or fixing a third world countries transport system.

they earn consulting revenues and expertise fees and because they bundle the custom solution they can earn well in all situations.

as long as there is a problem that can be solved by technology they can be relevant. that is a very big economic moat, which HP is trying to do


Saturday 10th of March 2012

That's precisely why the cash hoard is so appealing, they just need 1 very successful acquisition out of every 10 to survive.

I didn't really look into why IBM was purchased, the only thing that i can remember of IBM is their Watson.

the excel and wordprocessing are also what I have been thinking about whether the tablet can be productive enough. But if the new generation of kids are getting so used to tablets in school, then it might not be really that hard. Other than this, the other thing that came to my mind will be those hardcore gamer. Doubt tablet can easily replicate the experience, else razer will not be as successful.

That will change if we can have a tablet that can be easily converted into a pc by plugging a mouse and keyboard and perhaps a cpu to meet the gamer's and the office's requirement. That's the thing about technology, what can bring you up easily can also bring you down easily. It's never going to be easy to predict what might and will happen.

I am more familiar with the user experience than with the technological specification though.


Saturday 10th of March 2012

iOS is a growing competitor of Windows, but I have yet to see a really competitor to Office. Office runs on iOS too u know...


Saturday 10th of March 2012

hi nameless, i do not see an office on iOS, i do see it on the Mac OSX though


Friday 9th of March 2012

apple is indeed getting too big to be ignore, especially with their sizable cash hoard now. I think the more impt question going forward will be, will ipad be something of its own kind like an all-round multi-purpose entertainment device or will it end up replacing laptop and perhaps even desktop.

While the chance of it replacing desktop might be remote, the new generation of kids who are more exposed to tablet might change the game 10 years down the road.

And of course, an Ipad with a processing capability that's near desktop will be able to do so. As for now, it might be a greater threat to nintendo ds and psp instead.


Saturday 10th of March 2012

hi shanrui, you are right that the cash horde is big, but so are google, facebook and msft. that is the nature of the business. if they do not have an edge, or if they make a wrong move they can always buy it to supplement or to turn around.

that is the advantage i see in tech giants. Buffett buying IBM is interesting. would like to hear your thoughts on that.

on the topic of tablets. people are trying to make a tablet a computer instead of using what it is suppose to be for and as such it becomes difficult. as a user experience fan, which i blog about in, i see it as a problem of third party developers being leaders in human computer interaction.

i give you an example. if you use on a tablet, were you able to select a column of 2009 Vicom data and copy the forulas across to the next few cells easily? what if you want to only copy the formating? you dont have a mouse to drag. the alternative is to use multitouch. dragging with one finger does one thing. dragging with three fingers drag the formating.

the tablet's specs are almost the same as 2002-2003 personal desktop computer so the processing capability is there. it is whether a major developer will come in and seriously redefine how we do excel and wordprocessing

Dividends Warrior

Thursday 8th of March 2012

The new iPad will also rock the telcos share prices. :)

Verizon and AT&T are the authorized carriers in US.


Friday 9th of March 2012

it will attract or still binds them but it won't do them well in terms of improve profitability. stagnating more like it. how do u find starhub mobile service?

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