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Manufacturing – low cost back to high tech

There comes a point where even low cost workers become not as low cost any more. In such a situation, manufacturing have to move to lower cost countries.

For companies like Singapore listed Micro Mech, the future seem to be advance automation.

I see a lot of good in that if it happens, because to carry out on the flying prototyping and operation of these machinery, you need a certain level of technical competency, something which Singapore can provide.

Singapore, a growing hot bed for Start ups may see in the next 10 years more IPOs like these.

The heart of their argument is this: Through most of post–World War II history, the forces of globalization have made it harder and harder to keep manufacturing jobs in the United States.But the latest wave of technological innovation, communications systems, and production tools may now make it easier—especially to bring new products to market faster than the competition by designing, refining, and making them in the United States. At just the same time, social and economic changes in China are making the outsourcing business ever costlier and trickier for all but the most experienced firms.

“A revolution is coming to the creation of things, comparable to the Internet’s effect on the creation and dissemination of ideas,” Linus Chung told me at Lime Lab, in San Francisco. (Chris Anderson, formerly of Wired, has recently advanced a similar case in his book Makers.) Chung is an American-born, Stanford-trained manager who now works for PCH International and is based in Shenzhen. This past June, PCH bought Lime Lab as part of an expansion into America to encourage more start-ups and manufacturing work here. “There is a whole new interest in hardware in Silicon Valley,” said Phil Baker, a product-development expert who has worked with Apple and other companies since the 1970s. “I’ve never seen a more exciting time in the hardware business.

[Full Article | Mr China Comes to Amercia | the Atlantic]


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.