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Managing and Growing Money the Feminine Way – the Future is Female

She looked at the two of us, not knowing what she should do.

When you have her portfolio of problems, it is not an easy situation to get out of.  She was estranged from her mother, who thinks that since she is the only one who went all the way to university, she should contribute the most to the family allowance.

It would be great if she could share these family difficulties with her boyfriend.

As it turns out, her boyfriend have his own set of issues. He couldn’t say no to the finer things in life. Much of his income was spent on keeping up with the latest gadgets and toys.

Whenever she tells him about how she is struggling to talk sense to her mother, the boyfriend could offer no good solutions.

2 months later, her boyfriend reveals that he have $5000 in credit card debt. She is angry but at the same time she cannot bring herself to break it off.

After all they applied for a BTO and it is due soon. She not only have to worry about the upcoming renovation but also the wedding.

That is going to be a minefield considering their less than stellar relationship with her parents.

Deep down, she has so much question marks over how she is to juggle with so much things. It would be great if she have someone to share these money problems with.

Modern Women needs to be Empowered to Managed Wealth

Today’s woman wears many hats. They are far from the stay at home mom who quietly supports their men in the background.

They work as long as their spouse, and take on roles that are as challenging.

That is on top of their responsibility of giving birth to the next generation.

My friend here is not an isolated case. I have stories on both sides where the individual have so many money problems that they tried to come to terms with.

They struggle to see which one to tackle first. Which is more meaningful. Which one makes the most impact.

For ladies, they struggled to find the ladies that are savvy enough to gain insights and share money management ideas with.

Future is Female Conference

My friend Anna from the New Savvy have partnered with SGX to bring you an event that caters exclusively to empower women financially.

This speaks to many of the ladies who have struggled in the area of wealth management or are intrigued to see how high their potential could be.

Anna have brought along a host of speakers for this full day event. I struggle to see how she could squeeze 40 speakers into the event but that would only mean there are going to be some great exchanges between the speakers in the round table.

Take note of how you could bring your career to the next level

The conference will highlight how you could manage your money, from building the foundation, to the different financial instruments that is available to you.

If you have Sonny Tan from the REIT association of Singapore speaking, you know that someone will introduce you to the merit of real estate investment trusts (REITs). My friend Lionel from Cheerful Egg will be there, which means he will introduce you to an automated approach to building wealth passively through index funds.

The conference will also highlight the strengths of ladies in managing wealth but also the flaws that you might not be aware of, so that you can guard against it.

However, you can only manage wealth, when you have wealth.

Managing wealth is about putting your disposable income prudently into your wealth machine.

The biggest missed opportunity have been to forge a fruitful career doing something you can be competent in.

Therefore, I urge you to pay attention to the sessions which highlights how you can leverage on strengths available to females so that you could supercharge your career.

The Details….. and a Giveaway

The conference will be held on 8th April, 2017 on a Saturday. The venue would be at SGX Auditorium.

The conference starts at 0830 and ends at 1900.

You can find the details here, the agenda here and the speakers list here.

The tickets are priced at $250/pax or $375 for a buddy deal.

Here is my deal for you. When you purchase your tickets, key in the code: TNSInvestmentMoats and you can get a 12% offer off the ticket, allowing you to purchase the ticket at $220/pax. (This is valid till 7th of April)

In addition, Anna is gracious enough to provide me with a ticket, but as you might understand, I am not female so it is likely I won’t be able to fully make use of the conference.

Therefore I am giving it away for FREE here.

All I ask from you is to write in to [email protected] what acquiring this wealth competency means to your specific situation. What have you been struggling with and how improving could change your life (Note: you don’t have to come up with the best sob story!)

I will inform the winner via email.



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Anna V. Haotanto

Tuesday 4th of April 2017

Thank you so much!! :)


Tuesday 4th of April 2017


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.