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A Conversation about Wealth and Relationships

There are uber benefits when you build wealth in Singlehood.

i am quite confident to say that because I am a living testament of this.

Not just myself but there are many folks that I met in my short journey that have shown me that knowledge, plus good motivation can push us easily to create a simple conservative plan to wealth.

It is easier because you are the only pilot and the complexity is to overcome your complexities.

However, when you add a few more human relationships, that plan might not work so well, because you have much more complexities.

I respect couples that are able to aligned their differences to build wealth because I didn’t hear a lot of successes.

Most of the successes were only open to me when I went through financial blogging, where I got to know readers who could do these well.

That is why our next LIVE Session sought to help you work out some of the nuances when dealing with Money and Love.

This will be a session where you can take a glimpse of how 3 of my friends manage their household finances (and perhaps their spouses!). You can find out what kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine they put in their spouse’s soup so that they become docile and follow their whims.

My three friends are:

  1. Lionel from Cheerful Egg – One of the brightest chaps around with his own unique thoughts on life and wealth, he got married not too long ago, and can share his thoughts on marriage, saving & spending on big ticket items and millennial relationships 
  2. Thomas from My 15 Hour Work Week – married for 5 years, they lived an off the course married life by choosing to take a sabbatical one after the other. They have shown us the options aggressive wealth building in an early career span can provide us.  So do they have any conflicts and how do they work to stay strong together?
  3. Chris from Growing your Tree of Prosperity – he is married, much later than most of us, have 2 cute kids, supporting parents and a home on mortgage, and studying a degree in law at the ripe old age of 39 years old. Hear his thoughts on marriage, relationships and wealth

This session will be helpful:

  • if you are forming your own family nucleus and would like to contrast your ideas with how bloggers manage the complexities and money
  • you have friends who are stuck with relationship issues pertaining to money. What are the helpful ways that could potentially unstuck the bind
  • if you have the initial thought or plan for marriage, but not sure exactly what you are in for, when living with another person, with his or her money and debt
  • thoughts on stay at home, tai tai lifestyle
  • children: yes or no?

Where we will be

We will be this session at Singapore Shopping Center on a Thursday 12 Jan 2017 (7.30 pm to 9.30 pm). This is just next to Douby Ghaut MRT Station.

There are currently 40  Seats We are sold out!  and you can come with your friends and spouse when you purchase a discounted pair of tickets.

Reserve Your Tickets Here >> 

As with most of the talks I will be there to mingle and offer any perspectives within my limits as well.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.