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If you are here at my blog you might be wondering about what Investment Moats is about and how can this site help you. I am going to take you through how you can make use of this site to reach your objectives.

Empowering You

Investment Moats aims to be your partner to be with you along your journey in:

  • Managing your Wealth
  • Understanding and Reaching Financial Security, then Independence
  • Building Wealth in – Active Stock Investing
  • Building Wealth in – Passive Low Cost Portfolio Investing
  • Building Wealth in – Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)
  • Withdrawing Your Wealth in Financial Independence and Retirement
  • Redesigning your Lifestyle

You will find:

  • Explaining the topics above in a greater detail (they can be broken down or super detail)
  • Case Studies to reinforce philosophy, concepts, wisdom
  • Commentary on the topics above
  • Resources: Checklists, Spreadsheets you can make use of in your journey through the topics
  • How I carry out the topics above in my journey
  • How I live my life

How did you get here?

It is likely you arrive here looking for ways to

  • make more money
  • get out of some money problems
  • searching for the best savings account.

And it is likely that you are looking for guides to invest your money better.

At Investment Moats, I believe that building wealth is not only about putting your money in savings deposits, finding the best insurance savings or which blue chip dividend stocks to buy.

You need to be equipped in a few “modules” to be able to manage and build your wealth well so as to reach financial  security.

Everyone is a Wealth Manager, whether for yourself or your family. You would eventually progress to be the Wealth Mentor to your friends and family.

I created a few sections where you guys and gals can compartmentalize and know what you need to be competent, then achieve mastery in each module.

What to Think and Action while Reading

Before I bring you through the modules, here are some things I hope will be on your mind when you are reading.

Be Open Minded

Most of the content is written from my perspective and I may be a unique guy or I could be in sync with the general group of people.

You may share my thoughts or not but that is OK.

I tend to be rather philosophical about wealth topics.

It is good to put yourself in another person’s shoes to see if you would make the similar decisions or actions.

We grow by looking at various scenarios, even those that may not be applicable to us.

Most things are seen as a Meter, not Yes or No

We tend to look at things constrain to two choices, yes or no, can or cannot, buy or don’t buy, buy this and only this.

In many wealth disciplines, planning and execution and processes, it is a Meter.

Novice  <—-|—–|—-|—-> Mastery

0% <—-|—–|—-|—-> 100% Stocks

Financially Independent But Working  <—-|—–|—-|—-> Retired Fully Not Doing Anything

Try to understand the  concepts, opportunities and threats at the extreme end of the meters, and at each interval of the meters.

In most cases, your final option is somewhere in the middle.

Don’t reject a concept because you think you have to implement everything, or you do not start something because you do not know everything on the subject.

Reflect not Rationalize

To grow as a person, you have to not just read, but REFLECT on whether you are doing well or not. By reflect it means taking knowledge and relate to your context positives and negatives and what are the actions that needs to be done.

Rationalize is when you talk yourself into thinking you do not have negatives but only positives, or there is a good reason why you carry out things this way.

Reflect and less Rationalizing

Wealth Foundations

Investment Moats Wealth Foundations

You may be coming here with the expectations that I will teach you to be rich by carrying out investing.

That is not wrong.

However, what I realize after building wealth for 13+ years is that the path to accumulate wealth does not start with investing.

There is a layer of competency in wealth management that we need to learn and grasp well.

If we are able to do that, we should not do too badly.

If you do not understand this earlier than others, you will reach your goal slower, or not reach it at all.

This is the most important section, and I urge you not to skip this section.

Learn about building a great Wealth Foundation here >>

Attaining Financial Security, or Financial Independence (and debunking the Retirement Concept…)

Stages of financial indepdence

Why do you want to build wealth? What is it for?

A lot of us want to be the prudent human being to build wealth so that we can have enough for retirement. We also want to build wealth so that our children can have funds required for their tertiary education.

I think retirement is misunderstood by many, or that they are just told to save for retirement by the mass media and family.

And it is something that they might not want.

In this section, I introduce the 7 Stages of Wealth.

I realize you can be a winner all the way by reaching to different stages of wealth. It doesn’t mean that just because you have not achieve financial freedom, that you are a failure.

I introduce the idea of financial security and financial independence to you. I believe they will be more useful to you earlier in life compare to retirement.

This section are articles sharing some of the concepts behind this, lessons of how others successful and those trying to reach for it.

Learn about reaching for Financial Security and Independence here >>

Building Wealth with – Active Stock Investing

Out of all the wealth building method, I will spend some time to talk about what I am most familiar with.

If you are interested in Value based Investing, prospecting businesses, learning how I risk assess businesses this is the section.

This section I will share:

  • Emphasis on where I think are areas that you require competence
  • Case Studies and what we can learn from them
  • Some of my more comprehensive analysis on businesses
  • What you should not do

Building Wealth with – Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

definitive guide REITs

Since 2002, there have been a financial instrument that allows investors to participate in owning and renting real estate.

This is a niche stock investing sector called real estate investment trust or REITs for short.

There are many unique features that you might be attractive to this financial instrument:

  1. Do not require a $200,000 and more lump sum down payment. You can purchase REIT units with as little as $1000-$3000
  2. Allows indirect ownership to commercial properties, industrial properties, healthcare, data centers, retail malls where you can get cash flow from renting and owning
  3. A manager that you delegate to manage the properties, come up with strategic directions such as acquisitions, divestment, better access to various forms of financing

I gather what I wrote about REITs in my REIT Training Center here >>

Systematically Spending your Wealth in Financial Independence and Retirement

In previous section we focus more on the management and the accumulation of wealth.

How you spend down your Wealth is a topic by itself in that it has its own set of specific challenges:

  1. Balancing longevity risk
  2. Balancing running out of money
  3. Balancing not being able to meet your expenses
  4. Understanding Sequence of Return Risk
  5. Various withdrawal strategies, their benefits and weakness

Planning to spend your money in Financial Independence and Retirement >>

Money and Singapore

I live in Singapore and I will devote part of my time covering topics that impact Wealth to Singaporeans.

The Case Studies – Wealth Lessons from Fellow Wealth Managers

We learn from other Wealth manager’s experiences.

Some people outdone themselves given their challenging narrative.

Others have a great narrative but ended up in a challenging state.

This section let us reflect on our situation and how we can be inspired by their examples and steer away from destructive behaviors.

My Services

Investment Moats sought to educate masses through the materials on this site.

However, you might want a personal touch when it comes to :

  • Review and planning your overall Wealth plan
  • Financial independence path
  • Active value based income Investing
  • Passive index based portfolio Investing
  • Planning and executing a budget to take charge of your money

Contact me @ [email protected] with the subject header “My Services” and I would provide the details of the services.

Working Together with Investment Moats

Investment Moats are always open to advertisers and collaborators who works towards empowering reader’s financial wealth in a fundamentally sound manner.

If you would like to contact us, follow this link to find out more how to work with us >>

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