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Buffett’s Berkshire Outperformance and recent Market Tops $BRK.B $SPX

Warren Buffett have indicated in his annual report that Berkshire usually do better when the general market isn’t doing very well. Somehow folks was able to find some correlations for recent outperformance:

[Berkshire Hathaway is breaking out… Bad news for stocks? | Yahoo Dana Lyons]

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Keith Park

Monday 18th of August 2014

Thanks for sharing this comparison between BRK and S&P performance. I think too many people are caught up with the mantra of beating the market when all you really need to do is invest enough so you'll have income producing assets to take care of you in the latter part of your life. Still, an interesting post.


Monday 18th of August 2014

hi Keith, the purpose of this post is not be focus on the market but an interesting point that buffett tends to do better when markets are not going well. its a kind of top calling, but more for entertainment purpose.

income assets tend to underperform from time to time, and i understand you invest in dividend aristocrats. i just wonder why wont you focus on a few stocks that do really well. i came from the perspective that there are great capital allocators that provide a lot of cash flow, redploy the cash flow and not paid out as dividend that you will missed out.

i see you have displayed a portfolio for your readers, perhaps you will be interested to check out how my stock portfolio tracker can be embedded in your blog so that your readers can see the current prices. save much effort as well

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.