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Gro Capital Ease – 3-Year Savings Plan with 2.98% Yearly Guaranteed Return

Income is back with a new tranche with Gro Capital Ease.

Gro Capital Ease is a 3-year insurance savings plan that will deliver a guaranteed return of 2.98% p.a.2 at maturity.

All you need to do is commit a single premium (a one-time lump-sum payment), and at the end of the 3 years, you will receive a guaranteed maturity benefit of 109.21%1 of the single premium.

Here are some things to take note about Gro Capital Ease:

1. Protection for death & total and permanent disability (TPD before age 70)

Should you die or become totally and permanently disabled within one year from the cover start date of the policy, Gro Capital Ease will pay out the net single premium3. Otherwise, it will pay out 105% of the net single premium3 if it happens after 1 year from the cover start date of the policy during the policy term.

2. Application can be done online, starting from just $10,000

Enjoy a hassle-free application from the comfort of your home when you apply online. What’s more, the minimum single premium for Gro Capital Ease starts from just $10,000 per online transaction which can be paid via PayNow QR, eGIRO or Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) funds.

However, if you like, you can still consult a financial advisor representative to assist with your application, which can be paid via cash or SRS funds. The minimum single premium for this option starts from $20,000.

3. Guaranteed Acceptance

But that’s not all! With no medical underwriting required, you can be assured of guaranteed acceptance.

Do note for this tranche, there will be a single premium limit of $100,000 for each insured.

If you are interested, do hurry and sign up here as Gro Capital Ease is only available on a first-come, first-served basis for a limited period.


  1. The guaranteed maturity benefit of 109.21% (rounded to the nearest 2 decimal places) of the single premium is based on the guaranteed yield at maturity of 2.98% p.a.
  2. The guaranteed yield at maturity of 2.98% p.a. will be paid out at the end of the 3-year policy term, provided that the insured survives at the end of the policy term, with no policy alterations or claims made during the entire policy term.
  3. Net single premium means the single premium amount which is shown in the schedule, or the reduced single premium amount (if a part of this policy has been cashed in earlier).

All opinions expressed in this article are solely those of Investment Moats and do not reflect the opinions of Income Insurance Limited (“Income”). Income is not responsible nor liable to any party in any manner whatsoever for such opinions, and Investment Moats is solely responsible for any opinion and the accuracy and completeness of any information and intellectual property used in this article.

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If you are unsure whether this product or plan suits you, you may seek personalised financial advice from a qualified insurance advisor. Otherwise, you may buy a product or plan that does not meet your expectations or needs. As a result, you may not be able to afford the premiums or get the insurance protection you want. Precise terms, conditions and exclusions of the product are found in the policy contract.

For customised advice to suit your specific needs, consult an Income insurance advisor.  

Protected up to specified limits by SDIC (applicable for Income products that fall under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme).

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  

Information is correct as at 05 October 2022


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.