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How to Automatically send useful, customized Interactive Brokers reports to your email

Here are the instructions to create tailored Interactive Brokers statements delivered to your email.

An investor in today’s world is likely to check how your securities are doing on your mobile phone application.

An old school investor like myself thought that I would just need a desktop login to a web application. However, the financial companies who keep up with the times better cultivated us to appreciate mobile assess.

Yet, some of us would prefer to have an electronic report.

An electronic report of our holdings and our transactions would allow us to snapshot and create a diary of our decisions.

Why do we need to create customized Interactive Brokers reports that send to your email?

Recently, a colleague of mine seek my help on how to create a report that contains only his monthly trade transactions.

For some of us who work in financial firms, we need to disclose our holdings periodically.

Instead of going through the same arduous process of recreating the reports every month by logging into the Interactive Brokers system, a better way is to:

  1. Create a custom report of my monthly transactions
  2. Some other portfolio details
  3. Send to my email

The advantage is that you can create certain filter rules in your email to forward emails with a certain subject to a particular folder for archival.

How to create customized Interactive Brokers reports?

Interactive Brokers is very flexible in that it allows us to create reports that update different aspects of our accounts.

You can just reveal enough, but not too much.

Here is the process.

go to interactive brokers reports and statements

select button under custom Interactive Brokers statements and create

First login to your Interactive Brokers accounts and go to Reports > Statements.

In the section below, you would see a Custom Statements section. Click on the cross.

give a name for your interactive brokers custom report

Give a name for the statement.

you can create a very customized interactive brokers report

Next, Interactive Brokers allow you to choose which aspect of your account do you wish to include in the report.

I think we can all appreciate the granularity we can customize this.

my favorite interactive brokers report.

As a guide, I want to create a report that includes:

  1. My cash positions
  2. Deposits and withdrawals made in the month
  3. Dividend and the withholding tax on the dividends
  4. Trades done
  5. Open positions
choose the delivery method for your custom interactive brokers report.

Next, there are a few options to choose from. I would normally leave the top to the default.

You can choose to deliver a PDF, Html or CSV version on a different periodic basis.

review the settings for your custom interactive brokers statement

Confirm your selection.

you have successfully created your interactive brokers custom report.

If you managed to complete the instructions, a custom statement would be created.

You can click on the -> button to run and generate the report, which will allow you to see if this is the info you want.

If not, go back and make amendments.

How to send the customized Interactive Brokers report to your email?

With that done, we will now need to set up Interactive Brokers to automatically send us these reports.

how to configure to send your report to your email.

At the report statements page, focus on Statements Delivery, then click on the gear button.

Under Monthly Custom Statements Delivery, click the gear button.

Note: you would notice that there are Default Statement Delivery and Daily Custom Statements Delivery sections. Once you learn to configure the settings, you can deliver daily trades and portfolio positions daily to your email. That is Daily Trade Report. You would just need to set it to Email with Attachment.

You should do this. It is quite convenient.

choose which custom interactive brokers report you wish to deliver to your email box and the format.

In the configure delivery settings page, set the delivery method to Email, choose whether you wish to encrypt the email.

Check which custom report you wish to deliver (you can deliver multiple) and in what format.

If you have done everything correctly, then you should have set up the custom statements delivery.


Creating tailored reports allow us to mould Interactive Brokers to an experience we prefer.

You can create one where statements are archive to a mail account, in a folder (if your email storage is large enough).

You can make trades and check on your positions on the mobile phone or TWS platform.

And all this at an additional cost of a big fat zero.

This adds to the appeal of Interactive Brokers:

  1. Low transaction cost with low minimums
  2. Two different commission schemes to choose from
  3. Near spot rate currency conversion
  4. Trade multiple markets in the world

What are some of the custom reports that you find very useful? Perhaps you can share with us.

If you want to trade these stocks I mentioned, you can open an account with Interactive Brokers. Interactive Brokers is the leading low-cost and efficient broker I use and trust to invest & trade my holdings in Singapore, the United States, London Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. They allow you to trade stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, bonds and funds worldwide from a single integrated account.

You can read more about my thoughts about Interactive Brokers in this Interactive Brokers Deep Dive Series, starting with how to create & fund your Interactive Brokers account easily.

My Comprehensive Interactive Brokers How-to Guides

Interactive Brokers is a great low-cost, financially strong brokerage platform that can be the standard broker for holding your long-term investments. You can access 150 global exchanges, including exchanges such as Singapore, the US, Hong Kong, London, European and Canada.

You will enjoy cheap commissions and zero minimum recurring platform fees or maintenance fees. Convert your funds to different currencies at near-spot rates, paying a flat US$2 fee.

To get started or become familiar with Interactive Brokers, check out my past articles on how to invest with Interactive Brokers. I hope the guides make your life and investing experience easier and brighter.

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Saturday 25th of September 2021

Hi Kyith, love your write ups on IBKR. Would it be possible to share on how the margin financing work in this platform? Is it similar to the priority banking in say SCB ,CIMB on share collaterals?


Saturday 2nd of October 2021

@Kyith - Yes please! I still confused about what does the values for “Initial Margin”, “Maintenance Margin” actually mean in IBKR.

Can’t seem to find much clarity on the internet.

Like Cindy above, I am also curious as to how to calculate the margin loans for IBKR.



Saturday 25th of September 2021

Hi Cindy, will try to write up something.

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