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Am i gone?

To all my friends and readers who seem to think that this depressing market have taken the juice out of me, I have not gone AWOL or give up blogging.

The truth is that sometimes interesting things became a distraction such that I don’t blog about finance stuff so much in this period.

I took up an experiement to program something that i really like alot, thus i never had the chance to log in and post about the ups and downs of this bear market.

And when i decide that i would blog more since i haven’t done it for almost 1 month (!), my MSI Wind died on me.

I am returning for good now. The market have since lost abit of its volatility, but judging by what level the VIX and VXO are at, its still very high.

Good investing to all!


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Thursday 11th of December 2008

Thanks for the tip Drizzt. I will be looking at some of those themes when I have the time.


Monday 8th of December 2008

the eee 900 have quite a small one. the key board for wind is better. nevertheless 900 have an outstanding small form factor.

what i would suggest is to install custom XP themes by putting it into c:\windows\resources\themes directory as those beautiful custom themes are much smaller than the default xp ones.


Monday 8th of December 2008

Hi Drizzt,

No worries. Glad that you have your wind repaired. I just got my Eee PC after recontracting with Singnet. Still trying to get use to it especially the small keyboard.

Merrry Christmas & a Happy New Year


Monday 8th of December 2008

Hi Derek! Sorry i missed you out cause i thought both post were from colin, yup i think its ok now.

Its near christmas time once again, hope you all have a fruitful 2009!


Sunday 7th of December 2008

Hi colin!

Yeah mine is ok now. I went to CORBELL at Ang Mo Kio Techpark I (Ascendas owned!) for troubleshooting and it seem that one ram module was faulty. that causes alot of problems

Symptoms include firefox crashing, computer restarting, wireless network hanging.

now its back to normal.

Love the wind hopeyou are enjoying yours.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.