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Psoriasis, Investing, Blogging and thoughts for 2011

I really don’t like to come up with this post but I guess it might be easier this year.

Work have been hectic in a way I think most people would think its not, but for me it is enough.

This year have been a year where I muddle through and at the end of the year I really don’t know if I have achieve anything work wise.

I realize one thing is that I really can’t concentrate that well.

Psoriasis and Wellness

One main reason is that my psoriasis have gotten to the point where it is starting to interfere with my work and off work

  1. I don’t think clearly enough. It seems like intense concentration is a problem. I can’t monitor more than certain number of things and always gets pointed out by my Boss. Not good.
  2. At night it gets so itchy ( I am nearly 70% covered) that I really cannot do much. This has led to lower number of analysis and posts. Have to apologize to any loyal readers around.
  3. Medical cost to cure it has escalated with not much visible results. Financially this has become a drain.

Psoriasis is a problem not many people understand. In my 15 years with this problem, I have never met another person who has it. Sometimes I seriously wonder why I am so unlucky to get this.

Money and Investing

I didn’t make much big positions and my portfolio is for all to see.

Un-realized Gain is 10% overall at this point for my Dividend portfolio.

Income Distribution made up 7% of Dividend portfolio.

I am pretty disappointed with many moves made but this year I do finally realize how I should be investing. When you approach 6 years in the market its time to focus on what works and leave out those that doesn’t.

My goals for 2011

I think at this point it becomes clear that my primary focus will be on health and wellness. If I don’t get this problem under control, the quality of life not to mention career wise it will not be good for me.

Switch to a plant based and whole foods diet

I will switch to a plant based and whole foods diet as much as possible. I truly believe a lot of the problems humans have is due to what we put into our body.

I just had lunch with my colleagues and the more I see what we eat the more I believe problems like Diabetes, Eczema, High blood pressure, High cholesterol can be brought to control if we choose to eat wisely.

The difficulty is really in Singapore, there is no healthy food sold during lunch time!

Learn to prepare healthy lunch meals

Many would see it as drastic but I think only those food prepared at home are really low in salt, MSG, sugar.

I used to know how to cook well and lost that over the years. I should probably learn to pick it up.

Become a better lead

This year, I made enough mistake to be disappointed with myself. These mistakes are not rookie mistakes but should not have been made because that is expected of me.

I hope for this year I can really learn to track things and learn what is important from those things that are not important. That way I can be better at my job.

Add SGD24,000 to investment war chest

To some it is a big amount. To others this doesn’t constitute much. Hell, a Keppel or a Sembcorp Marine employee can probably hit this target with their bonus.

But that is the little amount I can save from my puny salary.

SGD10,000 per annum dividend income

This is a drastic increase from what I achieve this year but I feel it is achievable since I have 60% of the investable amount in cash.

But make no mistake, I will be flexible here. As long as I smell that a large decline is coming this dividend portfolio will be pared down. The thing I learn from 2007 is that you can stop your portfolio from a serious rot. Preserving capital both monetary and psychological is important.

Create one web or mobile application

Software engineering, user experience design and following the latest technological trends is my main hobby currently. Many might not know that I do blog about mobile productivity, user experience and technology in general at

I am about to put out my first app on the Android market with 3 more friends. Hopefully I can create another this year.

If you guys have a great idea and would like to share you can email me at [email protected]


That’s it from me this year. I would like to thank my family for helping me through this difficult year but also great friends and colleagues with a special mention to LBN, Van, Jan, Wen Wen,Kim, ZY, Willy, A1 & 2, Wing, JR, YY, Ah Yeow, Ah Wei, Tonton, TM and KL for helping me in little and big ways.

Thank you my fellow bloggers Musicwhiz, Momo, La Papillion, AK71 for making this a great community and not to mention to you the readers. Without your critiques and inputs it will not have been such a great journey.

All the best for 2011. Good Health for all.


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Saturday 17th of November 2012

Hi! U don;t know wjat kind of psoriasis you were or still suffering from but the dermatological cream dispensed by Tan-Teoh clinic is effective upon my second visit (as they prescribed another kind of cream for me). After using the cream for a few weeks, there was noticeable improvement to my skin and it does not itch anymore after about 2 months.

Though not a cure (note that there are still no cure for psoriasis at the moment), I don't even need to visit them again as it is in remission now. So far, this irritating issue is at bay now. However, since this is a recurring genetic problem, I fear it might ever surface again in the future but I hope not. I suffers from psoriasis on areas that covers my ankles (white scales) and genital/scrotum (red scales & sore). The best part is it is affordable (at S$25 including consultation fee) and for me, no side effects other than slightly messy application. Spent $31 for an extra tab of cream and I need not visit them again until psoriasis chanced on me again. No recurrence so far. Learnt this through my mum who was treated through company medical subsidy (free for her). Might be of help to you!

Do check for what kind of psoriasis you are suffering from.


Sunday 18th of November 2012

hi henry, thanks for highlighting this to me. that cost is much more cheap but to be honest not sure if it will help alot. mine is really widespread.


Monday 24th of January 2011

Hi Drizzt



Tuesday 25th of January 2011

Hi Beng, thanks for visiting my blog. also thanks for the link. I have said what i wanna say about NSC.


Friday 21st of January 2011

I am sorry to hear about your health. Please take care of yourself.

My daughter has eczema and she is on medication. Last year, I also developed some sort of eczema that make my head itchy and has scalps like snow flakes. After medication, it's better, but I still has scalps and still using gel to relieve the scalp. It's really annoying.

I like your blog very much. Not only you teach us about financial planning, you also introduce software from time to time. You also blog about stocks from other countries. Thank you.


Sunday 23rd of January 2011

Hi Ray,

thanks for visiting my blog. I hope i raised enough awareness on eczema and psoriasis on this blog. I am sorry to hear that you have developed it. But something which you can reflect on is whether there were any big changes in your life or lifestyle this period. they might have contributed to it without you realizing it.

my main focus for the blog will be on investments and money but i do have other perspectives which i hope reads would be able to gain some insight. not too much as they come here for a certain reason.

all the best to you and your family.

Singapore Man of Leisure

Monday 3rd of January 2011

Best wishes from a distant fan.

You are already wealthy measured by support from family, friends, and fellow readers of your blog.

To your good health and wellness!


Monday 3rd of January 2011

@Singapore Man of Leisure - once again thanks for the support. do come back visit singapore one of these days.


Monday 3rd of January 2011

sorry to harp on TCM.. i am a fan (not pro so advice is 1/2 past 6 haha). as wat Singaporesearch did is indeed align to TCM, where the liver are in the rejuvenating period bet 11pm till 1am. and sleep before 11pm is vital for liver to be "alive". Liver/kidney supply the skin with nourishment and detox toxins

As ur symptoms exist for few years, u will feel more tired as yrs progress and ur body is exhausted combating the disruption. i guess guess most likely u will have a yellowish facial complexion and grow very tired in evenings. if u took vitamins pills u can get worse.

A revamp of ur diets is very vital for a road to recovery and moderation of exercises..lay the foundation


Monday 3rd of January 2011

@dave, thanks for the advice. i had difficulty sleeping if i slept at 10pm, normally will wake up at 3 am. i tend to be more awake at the end of the day contrary. nevertheless i think there is a need to detox.

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