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Piracy:Selfish in thoughts

This can be classified as a rant here.

I talked with a good friend of mine yesterday night. We were on the topic that come June DBS will allow us to debit money and put into our Paypal account.

Given that choice, he would rather not use it, even if its convenient. His reason: he can get paypal credits from other “sellers” and at better rates.

I do note that and feel based on my past dealings with them it would be rather shady how come their rates are that it comes from no good means.

I say that i don’t have a very good feeling about such transactions.

His answer: When he sees that he is transacting at a very good rate, he had a good feeling about it.

Here is what tick me off. I am not going to say i am an angel and that i didn’t do such things in the past and now, but sometimes our ideas reflect the kind of people we truely are.

What essentially it translates to me is that its a shady deal, i don’t care how it happens, as long as its cheap to me i am ok with it. the end result is all that matters.

So after so much of our system educating us about values it would seem that all we sometimes care about is the world around me can decay for all i care but as long as me and my family is ok, i am fine with it.

Sometimes, what happens to us is an indirect consequence of our actions. We don’t profess that we earn alot but certainly enough to give back to the community that nurtures us to where we were. Give back through charity. Buy the games and software that you can afford, ensure that you will help grow it.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.