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This is a resource page for a way of life that would be able to tremendously optimize your expenditure.

You can refer your friends to this page for an all in one resource.

What is Freeganism?

Freeganism is a way of life where we spend very little money because we get everything for free. Freegans do this by retrieving and reusing what other people or businesses throw away but are still in good, usable condition.

What Investment Moats has written about Freeganism

  1. Freegan, Dumpster Diving and Financial Security, Independence

Freeganism in the Media

The Straits Times: Causes Week 2017: He goes dumpster diving to reduce waste

Yahoo! Lifestyle: Millennials go dumpster-diving in Singapore in the name of ‘freeganism’

TODAY: Sunday Spotlight: Dumpster divers to the rescue of ‘ugly’ but edible food

CNA: The man who finds treasure, and the secret of happiness, in the trash

Lianhe Wanbao: 财务规划师废物堆里‘淘宝’ 每月可省900元

Ricemedia: This Man Eats Leftover Pizzas From Trash Cans

Official Groups and Chats

Here are the groups to get immerse with the Freegan culture.

Official Singapore Freegan Facebook Group

Telegram Chat:  Dumpster Diving – Focus on sharing dumpster diving experiences and things – Link to Join

Telegram Chat: Food Rescue – A heavily moderated group to share events where there are left over food in Singapore – Link to Join

Events Organized




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