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A Very Eventful Early Retirement Case Study

Mr 15 HWW alerted me that this financial independence blogger has a new update on his early retirement life.

He seldom writes much nowadays (which is just about right because what kind of retirement blogger are you if you just keep earning money from your blog?) since he retired in 2015. Not working today would have made hi roughly retired for 6 years.

We followed him because most of his posts are so open and goes into a lot of the details so that you understand the nuances very well.

He is married, no children and his wife have as much as him.

If we wish to delve into the math of financial independence, he classifies his FIRE as LEAN-FIRE, which is financially independent but retiring on a very tight income requirement.

According to him its $30,000 a year on $950,000 (people who aims to lean-FI usually tries to keep the income to below $40,000 but I think that is just a rough gauge).

That is a 3.15% initial withdrawal rate.

By Kyith’s measure, that is a conservative wealth machine to get income that can last 60 years. So it should be alright for him.

His update on life has everything:

  1. The enjoyment of retirement.
  2. Coming to terms with the difference in your lifestyle versus your friends.
  3. Break-up
  4. Dating
  5. Health problems.
  6. Going back to work.
  7. The impact on financial independence retires early math.
  8. Living through COVID-19.

You can read the article here. If you are interested in the kind of conversation before the break-up, this extract from his journal may interest you.

There are many lurkers or readers who wonders if it makes sense to retire so early and I hope that this post balance off a lot of the feel-good post that Kyith always rights.

If there is one take-away it is this:

Your life will change in more ways than you think. And this makes planning tough. But the author’s financial independence still puts him in a very good position.

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Saturday 20th of March 2021

i browsed the blog you link to and I don't like that style of writing... when I read it, it seems like the blog is about "me me me, and me." Maybe a little less ego, more humility wouldn't be so bad. I'm so glad investment moats doesn't use that style of writing!


Sunday 21st of March 2021


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