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Veteran’s Day and Money:Could they have lost a lot more?

The first shock for me today was realize that on Veteran’s day, there are still trading.  Well that’s ok because the market still end up where it was when it started out on Monday.

I read up on what Veteran’s Day meant in the us and how it was expanded from raising the significance of the heroics of army men fighting in the First World War to all veterans coming back from wars.

Integration back to society

I try to put myself in the shoes of veterans and think that I would never have understand the pain and experiences they got from fighting and supporting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When they come back, they are plague by the after effects such as physical injuries and mental injuries, the latter which I think are far worse.

The skills set they were train with matters little in the world they came back to. And as such it affects their employability. The unemployment rate stands at 11.8% for veterans.

As the same with most of society, teaching personal finance is not a main core compulsory training provided. Not equipped with the skills to manage their money can have dire consequences given that money will be tight coupled with the lack of compensation.

Personal Finance be a core skill to build up

I do suggest that the US army take into consideration of knowing this problem and create a community to foster a culture to mentor soldiers to make better sense of their money. This would stay with them even after they get out of the army and stops them from spending the majority of their money on their wants and not spending enough on their needs.


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Saturday 12th of November 2011

Master our personal finance and investment skills and it can last us for a life-time and can share it with our loved ones too. Personal experiences are the best teacher.

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