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The day you make it back to zero debt is the best day of your life

We heard a lot of people trading on margins, lost a ton of money and never make it back from that ordeal. What if through margin trading, you end up with more than $2 million in debt. How do you turn that shit at a young age into an Angel Investor?

Here is an hour long interview with Chris Sacca, venture investor, public speaker, private equity adviser, and former employee of Google Inc.

What is interesting to readers is how not to lose faith when you are deep in debt and focus on things you are good at.

For folks who hope to create their own business, wants to rejuvenate their careers, techies who wants to know how they all started and basically folks who likes a good video, I urge you guys to watch this.

Here is what is covered:

  1. Why he started his first start-up
  2. How he ran out of money for his first start-up, for his law school and turn to margin trading on 200% leverage in the dot com era
  3. In 1 week, he turn 12 mil in profits to more than 2 mil debts
  4. About ego-polishing
  5. Why he cannot declare bankrupt
  6. How he renegotiated his debt
  7. How he dig himself out of the hell hole by getting a top law degree
  8. How he tried to get himself out of debts doing every second freelance jobs for little bit of money here and there
  9. How he got laid off during September 11
  10. How he build a false entity online to network with people to do work
  11. Got a job at a Start-up and end up working at Google before IPO
  12. Stock options made him worth 1-2 mil
  13. In 5 years, he finally got his net worth back to zero.
  14. Why it pays to be helpful and love problem solving
  15. Providing value before asking for it
  16. How to get yourself an interview
  17. Working in Google to buy data center without letting Microsoft know
  18. How Google built the data centers
  19. Getting suspected to be terrorists
  20. Decommission Aircraft Carriers as Data Centers
  21. About Net Neutrality
  22. Making Verizon eat telecom spectrum at high price
  23. Why he left Google
  24. How to start as an Angel Investor
  25. How he owned 10% of Twitter
  26. The vast monetary potential of Twitter
  27. What is exciting him right now
  28. Investing in Instagram
  29. What he looks for in a person – people who have been on shitty jobs, study abroad, plays sports,



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Saturday 15th of October 2011

Hi Drizzt

Great story that you picked up. I googled the interview and it can be found here.

Be well and prosper. :-)


Tuesday 18th of October 2011

Hi Panzer, I thought its a good story to share to everyone. It has alot of things that will make a good weekend read.

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