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Improvements to Aviva’s MyShield and MyShield Plus:What it means for me

Disclosure: I am covered under Aviva

Its amazing that i get more info from the blog world and more timely at that about changes to my own insurance. Martin over at Den of the Lion Investor blog about the new changes to Aviva’s MyShield and its Plus plans. [Article here >>]

On the onset what caught my attention was:

Maximum cap of S$25,500 per policy year on the co-insurance borne by insured

In my opinion, this will probably affect you if your total hospital cost comes up to >= 255,000 in that calendar year. Only then this will be useful. Needless to say this is a move to protect against serious catastrophic bills.

MyShield Plus B that covers deductable

I am not sure but i believe the move should mean that my current existing Myshield Plus is classified as MyShield Plus A which covers the co-insurance portion.

MyShield Plus B should cover the deductable portion. While not reading into all details, it would mean that with Plus A and B you can cover all your hospital bills.


It will be interesting to see your total premiums for Hospital and Surgical in this case.

I realise my premiums will rise as i approach the age of 31 where the premiums will rise from SGD158 to SGD241! An 83 dollar increase!

On top of that my Shield plus sets me back SGD50 per year. Looks like i’m paying SGD300 for my next 10 years shield plan.

Will paying SGD400 per year cover ALL my hospital bills?


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Lion Investor

Friday 26th of March 2010

The brochure takes quite long to download. For reference, option B premiums are from $195-230 for plan 1 from age 1-60.


Saturday 27th of March 2010

hi Martin, thanks i managed to load it the Plan B premiums are high sia. perhaps thats the value since for small bills deductable will be sustantial.

Lion Investor

Thursday 25th of March 2010

Hi Drizzt,

the premiums rates for the new option can be found at the Aviva website. Download the brochure.


Thursday 25th of March 2010

Thanks Martin!

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